Fix for Render throwing “There’s an error above. Please fix it to continue.” error | SideStore | Custom Anisette Server

  • This tutorial shares the simple steps to fix Render Web Service error when creating SideStore Custom Anisette Server.
  • This tutorial though intended for iPhone, but works the same for iPad.
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Using web service from Render to deploy your custom Anisette Server and finding out that your custom Anisette Server getting removed without reason?
Even when you try to recreate the Custom Anisette Server on Render, you keep getting generic error “There’s an error above. Please fix it to continue.” hence you can’t create a new Custom Anisette Server on Render. If that’s what’s currently happening to you, don’t panic and don’t worry, because I’ve got an easy fix for you. Check out the steps below.

Likely Reason your Sidestore Custom Anisette Server on Render is deleted/removed

The most possible reason I can think of is because simply there’s just too many people using Render to host their custom Anisette Server pointing to the same Github repo belonging to Dadoum. Dadoum Provision Github Repo ( is where the code for Custom Anisette Server is hosted.
So Render banned the github repo, hence you are getting the error message.

Here’s how to fix Render throwing “There’s an error above. Please fix it to continue.” error for your SideStore Custom Anisette Server usage.

Recommended to do the following steps on your computer.

The easy fix for the error is basically to create a fork of the Custom Anisette Server repo and use the forked repo URL to create the Render webservice. Check out the detail steps below.

1) Create Github account


If you already have Github account, then login to your Github account.

2) Open Dadoum Provision Repo

Once logged in, click the link below.


3) Fork Dadoum Provision

dadoum provision github
Dadoum Provision Github Repo – Custom Anisette Server

On Dadoum Provision Github page, do the following steps:

3a) Press the “Fork” button.

3b) Under Create a new fork screen, give Repository name as you like, although I recommend to give “DadoumProvision” as the Repository name.

3c) Click “Create Fork” and wait for about 5 minutes.

Once you can see the page having your / (E.g.: jilaxzone/DadoumProvision), means you have forked Dadoum Provision repo successfully.

how to fork github repo
Click Create Repo to fork a Github Repo

4) Redo Anisette Server creation steps.

Once you managed to fork Dadoum Provision Github repo, redo the Custom Anisette Server steps, but this time, instead of using Dadoum Provision repo URL, you use your own Github repo that you have just created and forked.


Bring it all together

sidestore render anisette server manual deployment
Render: Manage to deploy the Custom Anisette Server using forked Dadoum Provision repo

Hope the simple solution works great for all of you. For my case, once I forked out Dadoum Provision Github repo into my own repo and use my own Github forked repo URL, the Render Web Service was no longer throwing error and I can get my Custom Anisette Server up and running like it used to be. In case you encountered any difficulties and/or have queries, don’t hesitate to put your queries or thoughts on the comment section down below. I’ll be happy to assist.

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3 thoughts on “Fix for Render throwing “There’s an error above. Please fix it to continue.” error | SideStore | Custom Anisette Server

  • March 4, 2023 at 10:22 am

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks so much for the tutorial, has helped a lot. Am unsure of if the error i’m getting has something to do with my GitHub fork or not but whenever i hit “Deploy latest commit” on Render it always throws this error: error: failed to solve: process “/bin/sh -c cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -Dbuild_sideloadipa=OFF -Dlink_libplist_dynamic=ON && make anisette_server” did not complete successfully: exit code: 1

  • July 3, 2023 at 7:17 pm

    I used my fork at beginning but the Error was also There and fix maybe?


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