The Secret of Getting Rich and Wealthy.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme in case anyone wondering what this article is about.

There are ways to get rich, from doing the right and positive things to bad and negative one. Working hard yourself, get and save income as much as possible, invest in gold or Bitcoin, build your own company, become a famous YouTuber, invent something new that can be monetize, become social media influencer, become artists, do gambling, hack someone else credit card, steal people credentials, corrupt people’s money and many more <you name other ways to get rich yourself here>. There are simply tons of ways to get rich and wealthy.

SG Singapore HDB Pinnacle@Duxton
Luxury Apartment- Place where normally rich and wealthy people staying

There is A Pattern to Get Rich and Wealthy

However from those so many ways to get rich, there is a pattern where most of the richest and wealthiest of our time and in the past, get their riches and wealthy from. It’s not coming from gambling, stealing or hacking, it’s also not coming from just hard-working and build a company, invest in gold or Bitcoin. While yes, they can make you rich at some point but they may not have permanent and continuous effect to keep you rich and wealthy. Think like gambling, if you win, you got the prize and that’s it. You rich at that point of time only. The moment the prize is depleted, then there you are, become a normal person again. Investing in golds and Bitcoins are no different from winning from gambling. You buy gold and Bitcoin at a much lower price today and hoping in the future they may increase 10-20 folds. Assuming that happen, then you will sell your golds and Bitcoins and that’s it. You become rich the moment you sell your golds and Bitcoin and get 20-fold price from them but the moment the 20-fold money is finished, you become normal person again. They are not continuously making you rich and wealthy.


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And here is the pattern…

spend less to never runs out of money
The Secret of getting Rich and Wealthy
Now take a look at the rich and wealthy persons of our time, such as US President Donald Trump with his Trump corp, Mark Zuckerberg with his Facebook and Instagram, Elon Musk with his Tesla and SpaceX, Bill Gates with his Microsoft, Travis Kalanick with his Uber, Pat Flynn with his Smart Passive Income, these people have something in common and that something is what make them rich and wealthy continuously from long time ago since they started, until today they are still. Yes they are all have a company of their own and different sizes, but having a company is not what make them continuously become rich and wealthy. Some of the companies were created after they became rich and wealthy. It’s their work to build and make something (either item/service) to improve many people’s life and not just themselves that made them continuously rich and wealthy.

They can do it, I can do it, You can do it too.

The secret of getting rich and wealthy they can do it i can do it you can do it too
They can do it. I can do it. You can do it too!
Well, like them, you can do it too. I can do it too. Create something (item/service) that has good (or great) impact to many people then you’ll get rich and wealthy in no time for as long as people are still benefiting from whatever item/service you help them with.

To be rich and wealthy, you don’t need to invent something complicated

That something doesn’t have to be so complicated nor complex. You don’t need to invent a new version of electric cars to compete with Elon Musk, you don’t need to invent a new sophisticated OS like what Bill Gates did last time – anyway good if you can make/invent them, you can start with something small and simple. Anyway those rich and wealthy people, they were all started small. Look at Travis Kalanick and the history of his Uber company (for the record, Uber was actually Garrett Camp‘s idea). Before his company become giant like what it is today, he started it small with simple yet brilliant idea, with the background of public transport system that wasn’t so good and not all people has their own cars/transport and it’s quite expensive to hire a private car himself and getting more cheaper if he shared with other people, his idea is how people (passenger) can leverage other people’s vehicle empty seats, make them (people with cars and empty seats) willing to share his seats to get a ride back to home or to go to some destination that the driver is also going. While it helps the passenger get a ride, it also help the driver to get sum amount of money and friends to chat on by sharing his free seats in a car. So Travis made the system called Uber. And Travis’ idea is completely win-win solution: for the driver and the passenger and in this case Uber company as well. Until today, despite troubles around his company, he is rich and wealthy.

The Key is Always Try to Value add

So like Travis with his Uber, find and make something (item or service) that can give value add to someone (or at least to yourself first). If whatever you are trying to value add get into hundreds, thousands or even millions people’s head, then in no time you’ll be rich and wealthy like Travis. You can get the idea simply by looking around you, even more simpler, look to yourself and your current issues. What are the difficulties you have today with you. Someone else could have the same difficulties as you. If you managed to solve or find a workaround your difficulties, share and built and create solution on it so that other people with similar difficulties as you, could get help.

What I have tried myself

For me, I find it hard to remember everything in my head. Unlike a few friends of mine who can remember what was happening in details, mine simply doesn’t work like that. So I started my own blog, writing journals as a way for me to easily remember things I keep forgetting. By the time I need that piece of memories, I can just simply open my blog, search for the keyword and voila, there’s my memories. In this case I’m helping and giving solution to myself first. While the other impact is, since my blog is listed on the internet, anyone who found my blog, they will be able to see whatever journals I put there. In the end, my writing could as well help them with similar issues as mine.
Apart from journals, I write articles as well, based on my knowledge and my experiences hoping the same thing to happen, helping me in case I forget and hoping it will also help whoever reads the articles.

What you can do today?

Don’t just sit and do nothing. It won’t make you rich. Start do something that can have good impact for many people. The more people get the goodness impact, the more rich you will become! Still don’t know what you can do to help people? Well, start with solving your own issues then.

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