Batocera Retro Gaming OS: Where to find BIOS files and fix for Missing BIOS files

Getting the following message when trying to start game on a particular system, “Warning: The system has missing bios file(s) and the game may not work correctly. Do you want to launch it anyway?”. This due to either you don’t have BIOS files require for the retro gaming system you want to play or you do have the BIOS files, however either they are not in complete set as required or you placed the BIOS files under the wrong directory. Find out the simple way to fix this issue.

Here’s how to check for any missing BIOS files and the correct path to put the BIOS files on Batocera

The following steps are to be done on Batocera.

1) Open the Main Menu by pressing Start (if you are using Controller) or Enter (if you are using keyboard).

2) Inside Main Menu, go to Game Settings.

3) Inside Game Settings, scroll down until you find SYSTEM SETTINGS, then go to MISSING BIOS CHECK.

4) Inside Missing BIOS Check, scroll down until you find the system you want to play that’s prompting you for missing BIOS file(s) to see the BIOS requirement and the path you have to put the BIOS file(s).

Batocera: List of missing BIOS files and their location. Image courtesy of

E.g. For PlayStation 1, look under PSX, to see what are the BIOS missing and the correct directory to put the BIOS files.

5) Once you get the list of missng BIOS files and their directory, go and find the BIOS files required. Once you got them, copy them under BIOS folder as required (if you copying BIOS files while Batocera is turned on via FileZilla or something similar, the BIOS folder is located under /userdata/bios).

6) Once you have copied the BIOS files, go back to MISSING BIOS CHECK menu (Main Menu > Game Settings > MISSING BIOS CHECK). Then press “Refresh” to make Batocera rescan the BIOS folder and update accordingly.

If you follow the steps correctly and provided Batocera with the compatible BIOS, you should no longer seeing the missing BIOS warning when starting the game. Do give it a try.

Here’s where to find complete and compatible BIOS for Batocera

This is where I could find complete list and compatible BIOS I can use for Batocera. Credit to Abdess.

Download link

Bring it all together

With BIOS files provided, now all games should be able to run smoother and better. In case you encounter any difficulties or have any queries, feel free to shout them on the comment section down below. I’ll be happy to assist.

Crash Team Racing apk
Once BIOS files added, now running games is much smoother and better.

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