Recommended place to visit in Singapore: Upper Seletar Reservoir – Must see the iconic Rocket-shaped building

Upper Seletar Reservoir is one of many reservoirs in Singapore which can fly you to the moon with its Rocket-shaped viewing tower.

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Formerly known as Seletar Reservoir, now it has been renamed and known as Upper Seletar Reservoir. It was built back in 1920 to meet the water surge demand after World War I. Now it’s a jogger, golfer and nature wonderers heaven.

One picture worth a thousand words, one video should worth even more. Have a look on my video below – to see yourself what I’m talking about.

Upper Seletar Reservoir location

Situated in Central Water Catchment area, Upper Seletar Reservoir location is closer to Mandai and entrance is from Mandai Road Track 7.

Here’s the exact location of Upper Seletar Reservoir (feel free to zoom in/out):

Just in case you can’t see the live map above, use this link to get the same:

How to get to Upper Seletar Reservoir

This is how you can get to Upper Seletar Reservoir.

AddressMandai Road Track 7
Opening hours24-hour
Admission fee$0 a.k.a FREE
How to go hereBy Bus: Take service 138, 138A and alight on Opp SCDF Nee Soon Camp or SCDF Nee Soon Camp, then walk to Mandai Road Track 7
By MRT: Springleaf MRT (to be opened in 2021)
By Private Transport: There’s a public car park in Upper Seletar Reservoir area

If you alight at Springleaf MRT (due to open in 2021), you can first enjoy Ampang Yong Tau Fu or Roti Prata on the nearby shophouses before start trekking.

Best time to visit Upper Seletar Reservoir

I came here at around 10AM and it was bright sunny day. Unless you intentionally like to get suntanned and/or sweaty a lot, I would recommend you to come here earlier in the morning around 7-8AM or after 5PM when the sun has already calmed down.

picnic at upper seletar reservoir mandai singapore
A couple (not us) celebrated their anniversary on Upper Seletar Reservoir with picnic mat and stuffs. We were just borrowed the place for taking photos.

If you are here for a leisure and relaxing, I would recommend you to bring your picnic mat with you as there are plenty of open spaces here.

Things you need to carry with you when you visit Upper Seletar Reservoir

These are my recommendation which mostly are optional, but recommended:

1) Camera. Especially if this is your first time visiting Upper Seletar Reservoir. The iconic Rocket-shaped building is something not to be missed.

2) Water bottle. It could be just me, but I couldn’t find any water dispenser nearby the area. There are, however, vending machines. Let me know when you are visiting and can find any water fountain in the area, I’ll update this article.

3) Snacks and/or Picnic mat (optional). For leisure and relaxing on the park.

upper seletar reservoir small huts
There are couples of small huts available on the area of Upper Seletar Reservoir

4) Umbrella. There are only a few small huts / shelters in the area and the Rocket-shaped building – which may not cater for everyone in case it’s raining, so bring umbrella. It’s also good to cover you from the direct sun light on bright sunny day.

5) Mosquito or insects repellent (optional). During my visit, I didn’t see and didn’t get bites by insects, but just in case your skin is quite sensitive and to avoid getting bites by mosquitos or alike, then it’s good to bring the repellent.

Do NOT bring fishing rod here as the whole area is no fishing zone.

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