FREE! Ep 14: FREE apps & Games. Android, iOS, PC and Xbox One. Limited Period Only. Download link inside.

Who doesn’t love free stuffs? I do love them. Here are FREE stuffs for this episode. Enjoy!

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Gathered across various sources around the world and from the internet, here I share with you all the FREE! stuffs – products or services – that I found them interesting. Some of them are totally FREE! while some of them are just temporarily FREE! So be sure to get/download/consume them while they are FREE!

This time, I found various FREE! apps & games for Android, iOS, PC and Xbox One platforms. Some of them are only FREE! to play (without you owning the game), some of them are temporarily FREE, some require you to read the instruction to get the app/game for FREE, while some others are FREE to keep. So don’t wait to get and try them while they are FREE! Without further ado, here they are.

free games download pc android ios
FREE Games! Download them now!

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Play better with Controller!

Some of these games below, you can play them with a Bluetooth Controller. In case you are interested, here’s the controller I use.

iPega 9083: For playing PC and Android games. I like it because the fact that it can be used both on PC and Android without much hassle (driver auto- detected and installed), plus when I’m playing any Android game, I can put my Android in between – just like a Nintendo Switch.

On Amazon:

On AliExpress:

IPEGA 9083

Alternative link in case you can’t see the link above: iPega 9083 Amazon link, iPega 9083 AliExpress link.

SteelSeries Nimbus+: For playing iOS games. I like it because it’s MFi certified – Made for iOS, any controller-compatible games will for sure run with this controller.

On Amazon:

Alternative link in case you can’t see the link above: SteelSeries Nimbus+ on Amazon. If you need to buy the smartphone clipper, here: Nimbus iPhone clipper on AliExpress.

See the controllers in action.

Note: If you buy anything from Amazon using links above, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost charged on your purchases.


Do.List: To Do List Organizer

Plan your tasks into Today, Tomorrow, and Later lists. Use Life Lists to organize everything else!

TypeiOS App
Download linkDo.List
PriceTemporarily FREE! (U.P $2.99)
Good forAge 4+

Match Colours

This unique app performs colors transfer from an image/video to an image/video. A featured very much wanted by professional colorists and color grading enthusiasts.

TypeiOS App
Download linkMatch Colours
PriceTemporarily FREE! (U.P $4.99)
CategoryPhoto & Video
Good forAge 4+

Nightcam: Night Camera Mode

Nightcam is a perfect photo editing app for enhancing photos taken at night on any iPhone. Features: AI based low light image enhancement algorithm, shooting in RAW format, adjusting exposure and ISO, high quality low light photos.

TypeiOS App
Download linkNightcam
PriceTemporarily FREE! (U.P $4.99)
CategoryPhoto & Video
Good forAge 4+

WebSSH Pro

Best iOS SSH and SFTP Client for you! Supported protocols : SSH, SFTP. Supported channel types : Session Shell, Session SFTP, Local Forward.

TypeiOS App
Download linkWebSSH Pro
PriceTemporarily FREE! (U.P $2.99)
Good forAge 4+


Here they are FREE! stuffs with alphabetical ordering. Be sure to check all of them and download/consume them while it’s FREE!.

3 out of 10: EP 3: “Pivot Like A Champion”

Join the ongoing adventures of developers at the world’s worst video game studio as they endure antics both absurd and topical. This week the team settles a question the way only game developers can; with an office wide Battle Royale.

TypePC Game
Download link3 out of 10 EP 3
Good forAge 9+

3 out of 10: EP 4: “Thank You For Being An Asset”

Join the ongoing adventures of developers at the world’s worst video game studio as they endure antics both absurd and topical. This week big investors are coming. Can Ben and the team survive Francine’s grand plan to impress them?

TypePC Game
Download link3 out of 10 EP 4
Good forAge 9+

Battle for the Galaxy: Ice Bastion Pack

Battle for the Galaxy is a freemium cross-platform MMO strategy video game. Battle for the Galaxy features player controlled development of the space outpost, further defending that outpost from other players, as well as attacking outposts of other players.

Get the keys to unlock Ice Bastion Pack (DLC). All you need is to register into Alienware Arena, then get the keys. FYI, the base game is free to play.

TypePC Game
Download linkIce Bastion Pack (DLC)
PriceFREE! until all keys fully redeemed
Good forAge 12+


Solve puzzles by dragging multiple paths on a grid. Colored blocks do only allow a specific path length which makes it much more challenging. Special blocks extends the game with different gameplay variations which makes it more tough and fun as you progress.

TypeiOS Game
Download linkColoristic
Good forAge 4+

Dead Horizon

Most people never get a shot at making a difference. If you did… would you miss? — Dead Horizon is a short and dirty point and click western themed adventure game that’s also completely free.

Dead Horizon Video

TypePC Game
Download linkDead Horizon
Good forAge 9+

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Diamond Guy

This is the mobile version of the platforming, diamond collecting adventure, Diamond Guy. First there was Pitfall Harry, and now there is Diamond Guy. Run, Jump, and avoid danger while collecting diamonds through out the 20 levels. The amount of diamonds you find will determine which ending you get. Game is free and subject to future upgrades. Donations are encouraged, so I can hire an artist/animator. For android only.

Diamond Guy preview image

TypeAndroid Game
Download linkDiamond Guy (require sideloading)
Good forAge 9+

Do check here on how to sideload Android apps/games: Android sideloading.


Command and customize your own capital ships. Take down opponents in thundering, team-based combat. Dreadnought is a free-to-play shooter that puts you at the center of spaceship battles on a colossal scale.

TypePC Game
Download linkDreadnought
Good forAge 16+


Faefever tells the story of a troubled journalist trying to uncover the mystery of a missing brother and sister in the small town of Glenroch, where not all things are as they seem.

TypePC Game
Download linkFaefever
Good forAge 7+


Experiment and have fun in the ultimate playground as Agent 47 to become the master assassin. Travel around the globe to exotic locations and eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle to an exploding golf ball.

TypePC Game
Download linkHitman
PriceFREE! until 3 Sep 2020 (U.P $26.99)
GenreAction, Stealth
Good forAge 14+

Gears of War: Judgement – Call to Arms DLC Pack

Call to Arms DLC Pack for Gears of War: Judgement.

TypeXbox One Game
Download linkCall to Arms DLC
PriceTemporarily FREE!
Good forAge 17+

Sang-Froid – Tales of Werewolves

Combining action and strategy in a unique way, Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves transports you into an epic folktale co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos Daragon, Wariwulf), in which two feuding brothers will have to put aside their differences to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil himself!

TypePC Game
Download linkSang-Froid
GenreAction, Strategy
Good forAge 9+

Shadowrun Collection

Shadowrun Collection includes Shadowrun Returns (Base Game), Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director Cut (Base Game) and Shadowrun Hong Kong – Extended Edition (Base Game)

TypePC Game
Download linkShadowrun Collection
PriceFREE! until 3 Sep 2020 (U.P $22.99)
GenreTurn Based RPG
Good forAge 14+

Slain: Back from hell

Slain: Back from Hell. A heavy metal inspired arcade combat game with stunning pixel art visuals, challenging old school gameplay and gore galore. Plus the most metal soundtrack you’ve ever heard!

To get this game for free, you need to join to their mailing list, link below.

TypePC Game
Download linkSlain: Back from hell
PriceTemporarily FREE!
GenreAction, Platformer
Good forAge 14+

Taboos: Crack

Relax puzzle games to keep you in a good mood. For 18 years old and above.

TypePC Game
Download linkTaboos: Crack
PriceFREE! until 6 Sep 2020
Good forAge 18+

Tower Tag

Tower Tag is a hyper-dynamic cyberpunk paintball like PVP shooter with a grappling hook locomotion method that becomes second nature instantly. Conquer as many tower platforms with your team as possible to be able to move quickly across the field and beat your opponents with tactics and surprise.

TypePC Game
Download linkTower Tag
PriceFREE! until 30 Aug 2020
GenreArena Shooter, VR
Good forAge 9+

Virus Plague: Pandemic Wars

Dr. Plague wants to destroy humanity, and only you can save the world! Find a cure for a dangerous infection he has made and heal the whole world!

TypePC Game
Download linkVirus Plague
PriceTemporarily FREE! (U.P $89.99)
Good forAge 10+

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