FREE! Ep 4: Overcooked!, Halo Combat Evolved, PSP Emulator, Other apps & games – Limited Period Only. Download link inside.

Who doesn’t love free stuffs? I do love them. Here are FREE stuffs for this episode. Enjoy!

Welcome to the fourth episode of FREE!

This time, I include FREE! and temporarily FREE! titles from multiple platforms (Web, PC, Android, iOS) and not only games, but also apps. Without further ado, here they are.

FREE! Games and Apps

Here they are FREE! games and apps with no proper ordering.

1) Overcooked! (PC)

This is the original first edition, and not the second one, however it’s still fun to play, especially to those who never try playing Overcooked! series before and moreover it’s temporarily FREE! So be sure not to miss it!

Stream game using Steam Link Anywhere Overcooked 2 on Android and iPhone
Playing Overcooked! on iPhone. You can play this game too on Android. Check here for details on how you can do that.

To get all the fun this game is built for, this game MUST be played multiplayers, at least 2 persons be it with friends, spouse, siblings, parents or grandparents.

Download linkOvercooked!
PriceFREE! until 11 June 2020
GenreAction Simulation
Good forEveryone

2) Halo: Combat Evolved (PC)

Halo: Combat Evolved is known as one of the best games of all times. Take a look at Wikipedia page here and it’s also considered as the reason why Xbox was a success and it became the system flagship franchise.

halo combat evolved pc free
Halo: Combat Evolved – One of the greatest games of all times – Now available for FREE!
Download linkHalo: Combat Evolved (Article and download link)
GenreFirst person shooter
Good forAge 13+

3) PSP Emulator: PPSSPP (Android & iOS)

One of the best handheld game console ever made is no doubt the PSP. If you have your hands on the handheld console that’s great, but if not, don’t fret. There’s the emulator for PSP called PPSSPP.

install ppsspp on iOS iPhone
PPSSPP – the PSP Emulator – on iPhone running latest iOS!

Android users have long enjoy playing PSP games on their smartphone, but recently iOS users without jailbreaking their devices, finally also able to enjoy the same.

Download link & TutorialPPSSPP (Android), PPSSPP (iOS, tutorial & download link)
CategoryConsole Emulator
Good forAge 3+

4) PDF Converter by Readdle (iOS)

Convert anything into a PDF directly from your iPhone and iOS device: photos, email attachment, Microsoft & iWork office files, web pages and many more.

Download linkPDF Converter by Readdle (iOS)
PriceTemporarily FREE!
Good forAge 4+

5) Online Survey & Polling Tool Maker: Google Forms (Web)

Either you are doing market research, gathering feedbacks on some topics, or just surveying, it’s all now can be done online and the best is not-only it’s easy to do but also it’s FREE! Being online, easy and FREE, it enables you to reach bigger, wider audiences resulting in better output.

create online survey online poll
Online polling and online survey made easy & free – thanks to Google Forms!
Tutorial & Access LinkGoogle Forms (tutorial & access link)
CategorySurvey & Poll
Good forAge 5+

6) Photo Location Remover (Android & iOS)

Wanted to share your photo but want to get rid of the location info? Here’s the app to help you doing it from the touch of your smartphone.

If you need the tutorial on how to remove location from both Google Photos (if you are using Android) and Exif Viewer (if you are using iOS), check the step by step guide here: Link.

iPhone exif viewer remove photo location
Using Exif Viewer app, to remove location data from photo on iPhone
Download linkGoogle Photos (Android), Exif Viewer (iOS)
CategoryPhoto & Video
Good forAge 4+

Not enough FREE! stuffs here?

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