Strategies you can do while working from home to keep your sanity and be productive

Keeping your sanity is equally important while still keeping your productivity during working from home.

Some of the strategies here probably are common sense to you, some of them, you may not think about them before. But regardless, here are my strategy I am doing when working from home to keep me productive while maintaining my sanity that hopefully can help you to work from home and still be productive.

Work from Home Strategies

1) #1 issue, there is little to no separation between work and life when you work at home. So create the separation. Lock yourself in a different room if needed.

2) Tell spouse, kids, roommates that you are working. And give them time slots on when they can disturb you (such as during lunch time).

Bicycle Sharing people rent from bike sharing
Do your morning routines like normal: Exercising, bathing to set you to Productivity mode

3) Do your morning routines just like usual, do them like when you are going to office (such as taking a bath, having breakfast). This will set your body to work and productive mode.

Tampines Food Co dining area 2
Find the most comfortable seating and desk to work at home

4) Find the most comfortable seating at home. If there isn’t any, do consider to buy them whenever possible, especially if you need to work from home for quite some time. Avoid working from your bed, it tends to get you sleepy.

set alarm for everything
Set alarm for everything

5) Set alarm from start working, lunch, break and go home. Otherwise you either miss the time or ended up overtime. The alarm reminds you that it’s time for the next action.

Set alarm for lunch time and have your lunch on a separate room (dining room whenever possible)

6) Do have your lunch on dining room or if you are staying in studio apartment, have your lunch on other area, try avoid having lunch on your working area – reason so that you don’t get bored and at the same time, you are moving and exercise a little bit.

Juice or Booze Orchard Road
Put drink and snacks away from your work table so you’ll walk more

7) Put snacks, foods and drink away from you so that when you need them, you need to walk to get them – just like in office when you reach the water dispenser to get water. Doing this not only it puts you to move and walk more, but also to limit your food intake while working.

8) Put away/turn off things that gets you distracted such as TV (don’t watch while working), Nintendo Switch (so that your itchy hands won’t touch it while working), etc.

9) Set alarm if you really need to get distracted, such as discussing with your spouse on what to eat for lunch, browsing latest news, watching short movies. Once the alarm sounded, then it’s time to get back to work mode.

iPhone does not ring anymore no sound
Put your phone on silent

10) Except for alarm, silent your phone just like when you are in office and do meeting.

2017 half year target review breakdown target
Set targets and milestones

11) Set the targets and milestones what to accomplish for the day. Evaluate at the end of the day what are the accomplishments you have done and what’s still missing or pending and the reason why they are pending or missing from your targets and try to eliminate the distraction or adjust and adapt accordingly.

12) Make use the commute time to do something meaningful. Working from home, freeing you from commuting to office, so use the time to either exercise or prepare yourself for the day or to enrich yourself learning something new.

Bring it all together

So those are my strategies I am using while working from home to be productive and keep my productivity.

What about you? Do you have different list? Do give your thoughts and comments down below on the comment section. Cheers!

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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