Cannot update App or Game on Android, iPhone or iPad. Here’s the easy way how to fix it

Cannot find app or game updates on Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

A new update has been released for an app that you are using or for your favorite game that you are actively playing, you knew the update is coming either from the news or friends or family. And this update is an important one. Without this update, you can’t use the new features.

iphone and android apps and games not updating
You know there’s a new update for the app or game and it’s an important update you can’t miss. But how come the store doesn’t show any update button?

You might even have seen them (friends, families) updating to the latest version and got the new features, but somehow when you try to update the app or game yourself on your smartphone or tablet, somehow the App Store or Play Store told you that you have already gotten the latest one while you are 100% sure it wasn’t.

Does that scenario often happen to you or just happened? Well, you are not alone.

Reason why you are not getting the app or game updates

There are various reasons why you are not getting an app or game update, but most commonly here they are:

Apple app store Google Play store no app or game updates
There are various reasons why you don’t get app or game updates
  • It may not reach your region yet, so nothing else other than be patient.
  • You may use more than one App Store or Play Store account on your device.
  • Glitch inside App Store or Play Store that causing it doesn’t show latest update for certain apps or games.


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Here is the easy way to fix app or game not showing up

Do the following in sequence and for each steps, do check if the app or game has shown if there’s an update.

1) Kill the App Store or Play Store and re-open. For most of the cases, the update for the app or game shall appear.

updates now appear on iphone android
Once killed and restarted, the updates now appearing.

2) Logout from your store account (App Store or Play Store) and re-login with the same account. Try again checking the app or game for updates.

3) Logout from your store account and try to use another country store account (if you don’t have it, then create new for it). Alternatively borrow your siblings or families or friends store account just to see if by logging in their store account to your device, the update is appearing.

That’s it. Doing those 3 will definitely showing you the app or game updates.

Do let me know if you still experiencing issues with app/game updates. Do give your comments down below on the comment section. Cheers!


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