To Developers: Sample codes for creating WhatsApp Stickers. Both Android and iOS available.

Raising awareness to all interested developers who has interest in creating or making app that provide WhatsApp Stickers, that actually there’s a free sample codes provided by WhatsApp themselves that you can use to start building your sticker app, so you don’t need to start from scratch.

A little bit background here…

As most of you know, WhatsApp now has stickers feature where you can send fun, cute stickers to your family, friends and even strangers. And I believe most of you already know as well, stickers provided by WhatsApp are a bit boring, especially if I compared with stickers from LINE Messenger.

Nah, what probably most of you don’t know is that, WhatsApp themselves are releasing sample code for both Android and iOS to start your own WhatsApp Stickers app.

Create own WhatsApp Sticker
The sample codes enable you to start creating your WhatsApp Sticker app like this.

Here’s how to get WhatsApp Sticker app sample code

So developers, here’s how to get sample codes for creating WhatsApp Stickers.

1) Using your computer, head to this GitHub page.

2) You can either clone, download or pull the repo. There are sample codes for Android and iOS.

3) Happy creating!

PS: if you would like to submit pull request, make sure you accept Contributor License Agreement stated there on the page.

More info on Creating Stickers for WhatsApp

In case you need more info around and about creating stickers for WhatsApp, you can head to this WhatsApp FAQ link:

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