Sorry, what a headphone jack?

Sooner or later the piece of technology that has stayed with us for as least 30 years, the legendary headphone jack will eventually be forgotten and placed in many of tech museum around the world as part of technology that has helped human race in delivering music and voice to people’s ears with cable. Walkman, discman, iPod, MP3 players and smartphones are the most common devices where you can previously find where a headphone jack is.

The demise of a headphone jack

With wireless technology become more mature and more and more phone manufacturers move away from headphone jack – with the latest was from Samsung, the question “what a headphone jack” may soon come out to many of us from the next younger generation where they live without probably ever seen a headphone jack in action before.

How long do you think it will be until the whole world move away and forget about headphone jack? And do you think that day will ever happen?

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