PlayStation Classic Review. Should you buy PlayStation Classic? How good is PlayStation Classic? Is PlayStation Classic worthy to buy?

PlayStation 1 is reborn as PlayStation Classic. Plan to be released on 3rd December 2018 – exactly the same day where original PlayStation 1 was launched 24 years ago in Japan and priced respectively at US$99.99/€99/£89.99/¥9980.

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PlayStation Classic vs Original PlayStation 1 – The Differences

Apart from games which is real PlayStation 1 games and form factor similarities to original PlayStation 1, the rest component of PlayStation Classic is totally different from original PlayStation 1.

The differences between the two are these.

Physical differences between PlayStation Classic vs Original PlayStation 1:

  • PlayStation Classic is a lot of smaller than the original PlayStation 1, it’s about 45% smaller than the original.
  • PlayStation Classic console reset button will bring you to home menu, unlike on the original PlayStation 1 which actually reset the console.
PlayStation Classic console buttons jilaxzone
PlayStation Classic Console Buttons: Power, Reset and Open. Image courtesy of Gamespot (
  • PlayStation Classic console open button (eject button) will enable you to virtually change disc (for games with multiple discs such as Final Fantasy 7).
  • PlayStation Classic runs on USB Power adapter.
  • PlayStation Classic doesn’t have the optical disc drive, so you don’t need to rub it clean.
  • PlayStation Classic doesn’t have the memory card slot, so you can’t use the original PlayStation 1 memory card here
  • PlayStation Classic controller ports are USB and not PlayStation 1 controller ports, so obviously, you can’t use your original PlayStation 1 controller nor the Dual Shock Analog Controller here. Read here for more details.

The Inner differences between PlayStation Classic vs Original PlayStation 1:

  • PlayStation Classic Sony’s boot up logo is different from the original PlayStation 1.
PlayStation Classic Home Menu jilaxzone
PlayStation Classic Home Menu: the game lists, Settings, Memory Card and Resume Point. Image courtesy of Gamespot (
  • PlayStation Classic home menu (after booting) is different from original PlayStation 1, instead of seeing “Memory Card” and “CD Player”, you’ll see list of games, settings, memory card, and resume point (more on this later).
  • PlayStation Classic comes with 20 pre-loaded games. For full game list (US, UK, EU, JP), do check here.
  • PlayStation Classic has “resume point” which basically an “Auto-Save” feature you won’t find on the original PlayStation 1. Each game has one resume point. And this resume point is on top of virtual memory card which you can perform save/load/delete just like the original PlayStation 1.


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PlayStation Classic – Review

These are the initial review of PlayStation Classic which I gathered from various sources.

US UK EU JP PlayStation Classic Full Game List
PlayStation Classic comes with 2-standard controllers Image courtesy of Sony (
  • It does what PlayStation 1 does (playing PlayStation 1 games of course!).
  • There’s auto-save feature called resume point.
  • Video resolution is at 720p Max.
  • Most 3D games look jaggies and there’s no scan lines (normally found on CRT TV/monitor) to help make the games look smoother.
  • No GameShark / Action Replay support though the PlayStation Classic console has the port on the back – which apparently only for show case (don’t try to pry it open!).
  • It doesn’t have and use original PlayStation 1 memory card, so in case you still keep your original memory card with all the game saves, sorry but you can’t use it on the PlayStation Classic.
  • You can’t use your Dual Shock Analog Controller right away since PlayStation Classic is using USB as the controller ports. Read here for more details.
  • No multi-tap supports, anyway none of the 20 pre-loaded games support 4 players.
  • No eShop or PlayStation store to add new games in.

See the review on YouTube by GameSpot.

PlayStation Classic – Worthy to buy?

Despite all the lacking and limitations (no eShop to add more games, no GameShark, no scan lines to help render the games better and everything else), PlayStation Classic is sold at $99.99 for 20 games, and it’s like $5/game plus you get the console for FREE, so PlayStation Classic is still consider worthy to buy especially if you grew up in PlayStation 1 era and since the original games weren’t sold at $5/game.

So are you going to buy it? Do let me know your thoughts about PlayStation Classic in the comments section down below. Cheers!

In case you are looking to buy one, below is the Amazon link to buy/pre-order PlayStation Classic.

In case you can’t see the above Amazon link, do click here to get the PlayStation Classic.

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