Hoverbike is for real! Where to buy Hoverbike and How Much is Hoverbike?

Drone + eScooter = Hoverbike

Thinking electric vehicle like Elon Musk’s Tesla is the future? Or do you think eScooter and eBike are the future transportation vehicle?

Well previously they are, until news about Hoverbike broke last week. First seen and reported by Mashable (here), Dubai Police was started training to use Hoverbike.

Rise from the dream and fantasy world, Hoverbike is now a reality.

Hoverbike was first seen on one of the sci-fi movies as early as 1970’s (Star Wars movies series was one of them), where the rider can float around riding the bike. Now whatever we saw on that movie is slowly becoming a reality. In fact it’s already a reality. Hoverbike is for real.

The company behind the Hoverbike that Dubai Police used on their training – Hoversurf – is already selling Hoverbike to public. However, don’t expect it to price like a eScooters or eBikes.

See Hoverbike in action here.

What you see on the short video above is Hoverbike eVTOL S3 2019 model by Hoversurf.

If you are thinking to get one, you need to first show your interest here to be in the queuing list and make yourself ready with $150,000.00. Just for comparison sake, with the same amount of money, you can get a brand new sports car: BMW i8.

Hoverbike S3 2019 vs BMW i8 jilaxzone.com
Same price as Hoverbike S3 is BMW i8, If you got the money, which one would you like to buy?

More on Hoverbike here on Hoversurf official website: ​https://www.hoversurf.com/

Have excessive money of $150,000.00? Then book your interest here: https://www.hoversurf.com/orderyours

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