Habitat by Honestbee Review – a cozy place to eat, hang out and shop groceries in Singapore – They are Cashierless! No Queuing!

Have you visited Habitat by Honestbee? It’s the new kid on the block. A cozy new way of shopping groceries and eating at one place merged together.

We may not have Amazon Go Cashierless Store, but Singapore has Habitat by Honestbee – a cashierless groceries store and eateries executed differently!

Amazon came out with the first cashier-less shopping in the world. Honestbee – which is better known in Singapore as groceries delivery services company- is catching up by opening the first cashier-less shopping in Singapore, though executed in different way.

Amazon – as many told – is using high-tech technologies to execute its cashier-less shopping, it employs smart cameras inside the supermarket to tracks your movements, the objects (E.g: groceries) and you.

Honestbee on the other hand is using a combination of technologies we found and used daily: smartphone, internet and the power of people, though they mentioned cameras and sensors but I didn’t see much of them. The smartphone combined with the internet connection is used as a entry ticket to enter and leave the premise (it’s called Bee Pass), get info about products they sell inside the supermarket, pay for foods and groceries.

There’s notably no queue like you see in normal eateries and supermarkets, because everybody (the power of people) can order, check-out, buy and purchase via the Honestbee app.

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Why you should go there to Habitat by Honestbee?

It’s something new in Singapore and it’s a different experience. To give you idea, it’s pretty much like shopping furniture at Ikea which has eateries but without the cashiers, instead you purchase all of the items just like when you order something at Lazada or Qoo10 or Amazon or whichever your online e-commerce site preferences is. While at Ikea, they are separating the eateries with the shopping section, at Habitat by Honestbee, they are both mixed.

If you are bored with NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage and many other local supermarket, try this one, you won’t regret having the experiences.

Well, pictures say better than a thousand words.

2 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com Tuk Tuk Bajaj on Entrance
Tuk Tuk / Bajaj is welcoming you on Entrance of Habitat by Honestbee.
3 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com scan barcode for more info
Need more info? Just scan the product barcode using the Honestbee app
4 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com supermarket look and feel
Honestbee Habitat Supermarket look and feel – different, fresh, totally new concept!
5 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com groceries delivery system
Honestbee Habitat groceries delivery system using railing on the ceiling
6 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com which flavor of cauliflower
Looking for cauliflower? Well, Honestbee has at least 3 color for you!


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7 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com cozy seatings
Thinking to get relax, get coffee or having lunch/dinner? There are plenty of cozy seatings available for you
8 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com live music
Oh, There is a live music as well on Habitat by Honestbee
9 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com any kinds of bread
All kinds of bread available to be tao bao or eat here at Habitat by Honestbee
11 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com cafe price
The Habitat Cafe Menu and Prices – They are competitive!
12 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com salmon and salad
Looking for salad or Salmon or Salmon on Salad? They have all for you at Habitat by Honestbee
13 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com bag your own rice
All kinds of rice available for you. The best is, you can buy how many you like
15 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com payment
Before leaving the premise, do scan all the items and pay using the Honestbee app
17 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com checking before exit
At the exit gantry, let the Honestbee staff checks whatever you have purchase then leave! No cashiers involved and harmed in this case

Habitat by Honestbee Address & Operating Hour

Interested to visit? Here’s the address.

Address: 34 Boon Leat Terrace, Singapore 119866.

Operating hour: 8am to 10pm everyday.

Some of you may say, it’s far away. Yes it’s considered far away and out of nowhere but really it’s worth the experience.


How to get there to Habitat by H0nestbee?

You can either drive or take public transport. Do note, the parking space is quite limited.

Bus Services: 10, 30, 30E, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188, 188E

Nearest MRT: Labrador Park, Pasir Panjang.

Here’s Habitat by Honestbee on Google Map.

Don’t forget to install the Honestbee app!

Otherwise you won’t be able to go in. But don’t worry, FREE Wi-Fi is available on the premise, so you can download the app and install it the moment you reach Habitat by Honestbee.

Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee jilaxzone.com Get Honestbee app to enter
Get Honestbee app to enter Habitat by Honestbee

Here’s the link to download the Honestbee app in case you are lazy to search yourself at either App Store or Play Store.

iOS / iPhone Android
OS iOS 10 & up Android 4.2 (JellyBean) & up
Internet Connection Required Yes Yes
Download Link ios app store jilaxzone logo google play jilaxzone logo
QR Code
Alternative Link iOS link Android link


Bring It All Together

A new concept of shopping groceries plus a cozy place to meet-up, relax and have a sandwhich or two. Have you visited Habitat by Honestbee? You should if you haven’t visited it.

For those who has visited, do give your comments and thoughts about Habitat by Honestbee and whether you want something similar at your neighborhood. I, stayed at Punggol, would love to see something similar implemented and opened at Punggol. What about you? Cheers!

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