With iOS 12, Apple iOS One More Time Wins Over Google Android

Android fans and defender, don’t get angry too quickly. Read first why Apple wins over Google on this spot.

Don’t be and get wrong. I’m both Android and iOS users, I used both on my daily life.

Apple has just announced iOS 12 during its WWDC 2018 event. There’s something that surprised me during the iOS 12 event.

Why Apple wins over Google on this one spot

No, it’s not about all the goodies Apple introduced to iOS 12, as Google during Google I/O 2018 also brought in almost the same thing to Android P. So let’s not compare and discuss about that. It’s the announcement of devices supported by the new iOS 12.

Apple iPhone 5S on iOS 12 jilaxzone.com
iPhone 5S supports iOS 12 – Apple gives 6 iteration of iOS updates

iPhone 5S which was introduced back in 2013 and bundled with iOS 7, is getting iOS 12 update. That means 6 iterations ( iOS 7, then 8, 9, 10, 11, now iOS 12) which means Apple is giving support up to 6 years now.

For comparison, Google only committed to support 3 iterations after the device is introduced, which means 3 years only.


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Does it matter?

Yes it does for me. I, as a person who love gadget and new technologies but with limited budget – I repeat, limited budget, am happy to stick with Apple due to that reasons. Devices bought years back, still get a new breath of life: new features and enhancements -without committing purchases or upgrades. It’s like you are getting a new gadget (read: smartphone) every year for 6 years.

Apple Watch Elevated Heart Rate Monitor Notification jilaxzone.com
My iPhone 7+ which I hope Apple will continuously support for 6-7 years

What about you, does it matter for you?

Kudos Apple. Google, I’m waiting for you to do the same for your released devices!

FYI. There’s also hidden advantage for not getting OS update, read here.


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