Create Your Own Cloud Storage and Bring It With You Anywhere You Go and Access It Anytime You Need

Limited phone storage, expensive top-up to get bigger built-in smartphone storage, expensive cloud subscriptions though there are free options such as Google Drive or Dropbox but anyway they require internet to use it – which come to the next point, limited bandwidth and expensive internet data plan to access and use the cloud storage and the list goes on and on for existing cloud storage solution. Do you ever think, why not create your own cloud storage and bring with you everywhere you go and access it anytime you need – even with no internet data plan?

Turn out, there’s a cheap solution for it and it doesn’t limited to smartphone only but also can be used by computer.

Introducing Portable Cloud

In case any of you wondering and straight away Google that name – likely you won’t find anything since it’s not a company name and it’s not a product name as well. It’s just my term since we are going to create and bring this portable cloud with us anywhere we go and access it anytime we need it.

To create the Portable Cloud, these are the ingredients you need:

1. Wi-Fi Card Reader
2. Micro SD of any size
3. Powerbank
portable cloud components
Portable Cloud Components (from left to right): Wi-Fi Card Reader, Micro SD cards, PowerBank
Hopefully I don’t disappoint you as this is not pure DIY from scratch but rather make use of existing piece of available and considerably cheap technologies.
Given all modern smartphones and computers are coming with Wi-Fi modules, so does this Portable cloud – we’ll connect to it via Wi-Fi.
portable cloud how to use
Making your own Portable Cloud!
All you need is to plug the Micro SD to the Wi-Fi Card Reader and plug the Wi-Fi Card Reader to the Powerbank and there you go. You have your own portable cloud which you can bring it anywhere you like, access it anytime you need and have the capacity as big as you like.
Here’s how it does look like in action.
portable cloud in action
Portable Cloud in Action! Use and access it anywhere anytime. Plus its just the size of your palm. How convenient is that!

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Advantages of Portable Cloud

1. It’s a one time cost to buy Wi-Fi Card Reader, Micro SD and Powerbank. No recurring subscription cost.
2. You decide how big is your cloud. You can even buy multiple Micro SD cards and switch between them when necessary.
3. Store any kind of files and not limited to certain file types as long as your smartphone or computer support them.
4. Access anywhere anytime you need. Even on top of the mountain or deep down on a cave where there’s likely no cellular services.
5. No internet data plan required to access (read/write) the cloud.
If you traveling a lot, like to take photos and shoot videos a lot, you can just bring your smartphone and the portable cloud and few Micro SDs with you. You don’t need to bring laptop with you just for the sake of backing up photos and videos you took during your trip. How awesome is that!

What are you waiting for?

Unleash the power of cloud in your own hands! Find what you need to built your own Portable Cloud on links down below. It doesn’t need to be a specific brand, any Wi-Fi card reader, any Mirco SD card and any Powerbank will do the job. Don’t be shy to ask if you got questions, do ask on the comment section down below, I’ll be more than happy to help answer your queries. Cheers!

If you happen to live in Singapore and you need the components, you can visit my online store here.

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2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Cloud Storage and Bring It With You Anywhere You Go and Access It Anytime You Need

  • January 10, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    Dear Jilaxzone

    I’ve been hunting around the internet for a solution that would work for me. I have a large iTunes library 150GB and growing and your cloud storage is as close as I can find.

    I would like to have a wireless portable external ssd for my main iTunes library able to playback and use like on my iMac to be able to stream wireless and or Bluetooth 5 with my iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro 11inch 2018 usbc. Be nice to get my AirPods Pro as well for playback.

    I do appreciate any information or advice you could give me as I am not so tech savvy and could be asking the impossible?

    Kind regards,


    • January 22, 2020 at 10:26 pm

      I believe for your case any compatible NAS for your iMac as well as iPhone (with compatible app of course!) should be sufficient.
      You can always pair your AirPods to your iPhone or iMac regardless of where the contents are.


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