7 Ways to Live a Richer Life

To get rich or richer, one thing that comes to everybody’s mind is to get more money. But actually that’s not always the case. Money is indeed one way to get you richer in life but actually there are other things that can make you and your life richer as well and they are not money and its relatives: gold, Bitcoins, diamonds. Find out below.

Here are 7 Things to Make YOU Live a RICHER Life

1. Richer in Money.

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Ways to make you Richer: Earn more money and save more money
This one is the most answer and what people have in their minds when it comes to get richer. The simplest way you can do to be richer in money is to earn more and/or save more.
Learn here how you can save more without working more.
Do check here as well how you can earn more money without any special skills that Millennials nowadays making big bucks out of them.

2. Richer in Time.

Most Precious Asset and Commodity Time jilaxzone.com Time 3
Ways to make you Richer: Invest in your time


Everyone that lives on the Earth does have the same 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour, 60 seconds a minute. Learn like Jeff Bezos – who today is the most richest man on the face of the Earth – or Elon Musk – who has 4 big companies under him – achieve so many things with the time that they have – which turn out the same amount of time that we have. They do delegate things and say no to things that isn’t great. Like them, you too can do it. Learn to delegate, learn to say no. These 2 will free a lot of your time.
Check here how you can invest in your most precious asset and commodity: time.

3. Richer in Knowledge.

See Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, though their names are always on the top most richest person on the Earth but that never stop them to continue learning and adding knowledge to their brains. If you heard stories about them, they do readings multiple books in a day to feed their brains with new knowledge. What about you?
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Ways to make you Richer: Like this waterfall, keep learning and pouring knowledge to yourself
Most people stop studying once they graduated from school or university. People with rich knowledge such as those 2 guys – Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – they don’t stop studying even until today. You don’t need to follow totally the same way like these 2 guys – reading books – you can use your own way – whatever that is – to get and learn more and more knowledge so you always stay ahead and informed which make yourself able to make better answers, better decisions, better solutions.

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4. Richer in Health.

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Ways to make you Richer: Getting Healthy the fun way
Poor Steve Jobs who died young while he was on top of the world with his innovations – let me name them here: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air – due to cancer he suffered. Lesson learned here is that top position on the top company and has a lot of money is nothing if you – yourself – are not present at the moment (read: not alive a.k.a dead). I know maintaining our own health – which should be our own responsibility as an individual – is something boring and if you think about it, lots of suffering just to get healthy – what comes to people’s mind is eating veggies, sweating x number of hours on that treadmills, skipping lunch and dinner – and that’s where most people got it wrong. To get healthy, you don’t need to follow the same route – if you think they make you suffer. Find out yourself a fun way to maintain your health. Mainly because different people will have different way to have fun.
For me, one way to make it fun is by getting paid while doing my exercise. That’s why I’m food delivery under UberEats. I either walk or cycle to deliver foods from the food vendor or restaurants to UberEats customer. I get myself to exercise (by either walking or cycling) and get paid for it at the same time. How fun is that! Check here my experiences.
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Ways to make you Richer: Getting healthy the fun way – getting paid while exercising – why not?
Like me, find your fun and interesting way to maintain your health, then in no time, you’ll get back in shape and even richer in health.

5. Richer in Energy.

Ways to make you Richer: Don’t let yourself like latest smartphone but without battery – maintain a good energy on you


Those guys I mentioned earlier – Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – they have something in common. They have more than enough energy in a day to settle things and make big decisions that change people live in this world. What about you? I guess, most of us most of the time feel exhausted even before reaching the second half of our days. Main reasons: we don’t delegate enough things, we say too many yes to everyone, we get ourselves overwhelmed with something we don’t know due to narrow minded, we don’t exercise enough to stay fit and to build our endurance.
Change yourself today – because no matter how smart and ambitious you are, without energy it’s like a brand new phone will full of amazing features but no battery. Or like a million dollar sports car, but without a gasoline. Go exercise to stay fit. Go delegate things that are less important to you. Say no to things that don’t spark joy to you, find free time to always enhance yourself. All these things will make your body and mind to have endurance which eventually reduce your energy usage.

6. Richer in Relationship.

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Ways to make you Richer: Connect and socialize
Human cannot live alone by himself. No matter how anti-social you are – like me – at some point you need someone else’s help. Do connect and socialize. Do give helps to people who needs help. Not only you’ll get more friends in the process (means more relationship), but also who knows somewhere in the future they may be able to help you back when you are in needs.
You don’t need to say hi and be nice to everybody you meet and you don’t need to help everybody you encounter – but keep a few good close friends with you – that should be more than enough. Of course if you can give help to more people that means the better you in relationship with these people – but do remember things to get richer in time and richer in energy, make it balance.

7. Richer in Experiences.

Ways to make you Richer: Get more experiences – Do travel to different new places


Knowledge is different from experiences. Apart from getting richer in knowledge, you have to get richer in experiences as well. Try to get out from your comfort zone and always look for new things in life. Be brave to try something new, otherwise your life will be boring.
People like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, they always try new things in their life. Not only today they are richer in experience, but in the process itself that makes them richer in money and knowledge. We may never have electric cars if it’s not because of Elon Musk founding Tesla. We may never have cashier-less supermarkets if it’s not because of Jeff Bezos who introduced this to us.
Living Expenses in Singapore jilaxzone.com Restaurant
Ways to make you Richer: Get more experiences – Do visit and eat at different new places
Richer in experiences can be as simple as don’t always go to the same restaurant if you are eating out. Try different restaurants across the town, who knows you may get an even better food to chew on or meet your future spouse or business partners on that new restaurant.

How Richer are YOU today?

Where are you now in your life? Which of getting richer stage have you mastered?
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Ways to make you Richer: Get more experiences!
For me, I am on my way building my wealth (read here,here and here), keep updating my knowledge by learning and at the same time sharing my knowledge here on this blog, able to (and still learn to get better at) manage my time (that’s why I can keep posting articles while at the same time I’m having my 9-6 daily job), maintain my health by doing it the fun way, trying to balance and utilize my energy to the best I can do (read here) and always force myself (and my wife) to experience something new – going to difference places (read my Korea visit here), try something different (read here, here, here). The one thing I’m still far lacking is getting richer in relationship – I do have wife but I don’t have many friends which I would like to work on it in the coming years.


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