Beat Procrastination with G-STRING. Guaranteed working!

Procrastination, according to Google Translate, is the action of delaying or postponing something.

And most people, like myself, has the tendency to wait, postponing and delaying things. Be it going to gym, finishing the work tasks, cleaning up the house, washing the dishes, getting into relationship, signing up for health insurance, starting to invest, submitting paper and many other things <you fill up here yourself>, there’s always this statement on our brain: let’s do it later or tomorrow or next time as there’s still time for it.

At the end of the day (or week, or even month) whenever you are fully conscious of the situation (deadline is just around the corner) and where you are now in your life, only then you realize you didn’t do so much except keep delaying and postponing things. Procrastinating!
Lucky for me, I do have these things which I have been gathering my whole life and still tuning them – some of which I discovered myself during my down time and trying to get up and quit from drowning – tested, executed and experienced them myself to overcome the procrastination. Meet G-STRING.
Beat Procrastination with G-String
Beat Procrastination with G-STRING. Image is courtesy of

Well, it’s not really this G-STRING you see on the image above. It’s a different kind of G-STRING.

And lucky for you, I summarize them here in one article which hopefully these G-STRING can help you to keep you on track.
Guaranteed working unless you are so dumb and ignorant to your own life!

Beat that procrastination with these 7 jabs 👊 – G-STRING Method

Whatever that is you are procrastinating with, beat them with these 7 G-STRING jabs.
Beat Procrastination with 7 jabs of G-String
Beat Procrastination with 7 jabs of G-String


1. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [G] – Good day.

Set your mindset that today is the good and correct day to do it. Check here how you can always make every day is a good or even a great day.

2. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [S] – Start small.

Start with something small and fun. Or at least start with something more fun. The idea is to trigger and to make yourself to start doing something (this is the hardest part).

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3. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [T] – Think result.

Don’t think about the pain. Think about the end result. Get reminded on what you want to achieve. Print a poster, paste it on your wall, on your working desk, on your car dashboard, make it as your phone wallpaper. The more you see it, hear it or feel it, the more you are getting into it and the more you can’t escape but to do it.

4. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [R] – Remember the benefit.

Get reminded on what is the future benefit you will get for doing these painful things today.

5. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [I] – I am accountable.

Make yourself accountable. Easiest and guaranteed way to make yourself accountable is to tell someone or get someone to remind you, that they will get free lunch courtesy of yourself if you can’t make and/or achieve it by certain date or time. So you position yourself accountable, either to complete the job or end up paying everybody lunch.

6. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [N] – Nurture myself.

Other way to do it is to nurture yourself (read: giving rewards to yourself) on each milestones achieved. Make it a small win.

7. Beat Procrastination with G-STRING: [G] – Get real.

Set a realistic target, find a workaround to achieve the target and don’t hesitate to revise when necessary.

Bring It All Together.

Whenever I feel lazy, keep delaying, postponing and procrastinating, I do G-STRING method to myself. End result is I managed to cheer up myself and get them done or at least starting.
For the record, my wife and I have planned to go and be financially free at the age of 35 (I stated them here on one of the long-term target to achieve) . Now we are 31-years old soon to be 32-years old and using these G-STRING method, we are progressing a little by little.
Where are you now in your life and target? Are they on track? Use G-STRING to help you getting back on track!

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