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Either you are writing blog posts, articles, uploading YouTube videos, doing podcast or tweeting something, most of the time and cases, you need to provide one or two links to drive whoever consume the contents to any websites you want them to go, either redirect to one of your own website or redirect them to one of your affiliate links.

But how many who consume the contents really go and click the links?

Most cases, people (the content creators/providers) will just put direct links there, over their posts, videos, podcasts, tweets or whatever. While doing that is totally fine – nothing wrong with it – but by doing so, they (content creators or providers) won’t be able to know how effective their contents driving the masses (content consumers) to click the embedded shared links.
Do you want to get such insights? How many are clicking your links, from which referrers, which browsers, which countries and what are the platforms? Continue reading. link analytics The analytics provided for FREE for each of the shortened link

Meet – the link shortener made by Google

To track and to know how many people are actually clicking on the links given is to use link shortener services. One of them that is free, easy-to-use and one of the most reliable and able to give insights like what you see on the image above is from Google. Google Link Shortener Google-owned Link Shortener – FREE, Easy, Reliable


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Reasons why so small number of people click your shared link

One of the reasons why only small number of people who actually click your shared links on your blog posts, videos, podcasts, or tweets (Twitter is using anyway) is because you are using a rather shady links – be it a shady link shortener services or your website URL is even considered a shady one. If your main intention as content creator/provider is to just redirect users to somewhere you want them to be – without the needs for them to see ads here and there – then is the best answer.
By using Google link shortener, apart from it helps you to shortened your long URL links, it will add confidence to whoever click the links (since it’s Google) plus you’ll be able to track how many number of people are actually clicking your given links – for FREE and without hassle.

Steps to track your links using

The steps are pretty easy. Here they are:

1. Go to

But before you make short any URL, it’s good to sign in to your Google account. In case you don’t have any, do create one. Purpose is to able to track how many people are actually click your links.

2. Put your links to the URL shortener bar.

Either type your link or copy and paste it to the URL bar. Google Link Shortener Type in the URL to be shortened on the URL bar and click on SHORTEN URL

3. Click on the Shorten URL

To generate the shortened version of your link.
Voila! You just made it.

My Summary

So far I have created as many as 867 shortened links to date. And using the analytics data provided for FREE, I can know which referrers, browsers, countries and platforms are getting attracted the most to click the links. And from that, I can do some other improvements to keep improving people to go to my shared links. What do you think? Have you guys use or any other link shortener services? Do give your comments on comment section below. Cheers! Number of link getting shortened Number of links getting shortened by me to-date


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