UOB Card December 2017 Promotion: Everything $1 at Satay by the bay

Own one or a few UOB card(s)? Well, then good news for you. UOB just came out with its $1 December promotions. Any UOB cards, be it UOB credit card or debit card, as long as they are registered to one of these platforms and at the same time you can make use the platform to make payment then you’ll be eligible for the promotion. The platforms are UOB Mighty (UOB handphone app), Apple Pay or Android Pay.

UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com the hawker center
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Main Entrance of Satay by The Bay

So What are the UOB Promotions?

Buy any of these foods at Satay by The Bay at just $1 each. Though the name is Satay by the bay, but there are plenty of foods – apart from satay – that you can also enjoy.
UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com $1 food
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: The $1 food banner – There are 23 participating stalls
And for this UOB $1 promotion that includes the following foods, drinks and dessert – in total there are 23 participating stalls, here they are in food-alphabetical order:
1) 10 pcs of Satay (U.P. $7.00) at Jumain Satay stall
2) 10 pcs of Satay (U.P. $7.00) at Kampong Satay stall
3) 10 pcs of Satay (U.P. $7.00) at Opah Satay stall
4) 10 pcs of Satay (U.P. $7.00) at Sri Geylang Sate stall
5) 2 cups of Sugar cane (U.P. $6.00) at Fruit/Fruit Juice stall

6) BBQ Steamboat Buffet (U.P. $27.00-$30.00) at Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet stall

7) Char Siew Roast Pork Rice (U.P. $6.00) at Roast Duck & Chicken Rice stall

8) Chicken Kebab (U.P. $7.00) at Turkish, Mediterranean, Thai Spize stall
9) Chicken Mini Pot (U.P. $7.00) at Mini Pot stall
10) Claypot Rice (U.P. $10.00) at Claypot & Bak Ku Teh stall
UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com Claypot $1
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Claypot Rice for $1


11) Coin Prata (Chicken Meat with Curry) (U.P. $8.00) at Prata stall
UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com Coin Prata Food
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Coin Prata with Chicken Thigh for $1
12) Fish Porridge (U.P. $8.00) at Porridge Stall

13) Fried Carrot Cake (U.P. $6.00) at Fried Carrot Cake stall

14) Fried Chicken or Masala Briyani Rice (U.P. $6.80) at Nasi Briyani stall

15) Hokkien Mee (U.P. $6.00) at Lorong 29 Geylang Hokkien Mee stall

16) Indonesian Grill Chicken Set (U.P. $7.00) at Indonesian BBQ & Grill stall
17) Lala White Bee Hoon (U.P. $10.00) at Marina Live Seafood & Steamboat stall

18) Mee Goreng (U.P. $6.00) at Makan by the bay stall

19) Popcorn Chicken with Cheese (U.P. $8.90) at No 26 Bar & Bistro stall

20) Strawberry Snowy Ice (U.P. $6.00)  at Ji De Chi Dessert & Asian Snack stall

21) Summer Holiday (U.P. $10.00) at Dessert stall

22) Traditional Rojak (Big Plate) (U.P. $6.00) at Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings stall

UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com Traditional Rojak Big Plate $1
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Traditional Rojak Big Plate for $1


23) Yang Zhou Fried Rice (U.P. $6.00) at Boon Tat BBQ Seafood stall
Interested? Feeling hungry? They are all for grabs for $1 each -regardless of their price tags. Continue to read then.

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UOB Card Promotion Period

UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com Coin Prata $1
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Coin Prata for $1
Each day for the whole December 2017 – that means from 1 December till 31 December 2017 – enjoy $1 food everyday at Satay by the bay.

UOB Card Promotion Terms and conditions.

There are limited quantities of $1 food per stall per day. That means if you come way too late then sorry, you won’t be able to enjoy the $1 food promotion. But don’t get worry, if you miss it today, you can always come back the next day as long as within the promotion period to get the $1 promotion food.
Full terms and conditions, do check here to UOB website.

Where is Satay by the Bay?

UOB Promotion jilaxzone.com Satay by the bay location Singapore
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Map of Satay by the bay – red circle – Image courtesy of StreetDirectory.com

Satay by the bay, located just within the Gardens by the bay premise.

Here’s the full address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive S018953

And how can you go there to Satay by the Bay?

As you can see from the map, Satay by the bay (indicated by red circle on the map above) is located inside Gardens by the bay and just next to Marina Barrage.
So any bus/train that goes to these 2 places: Gardens by the bay and Marina Barrage also goes to Satay by the bay.
The most convenient way – for me – is to alight at Downtown MRT (Blue line) and take bus service 400 and alight at Marina Barrage. From the Marina Barrage bus stop,  I use one of the rental shared bikes (read here how you can rent one of them).

This is me at Satay by the bay

I went to Satay by the bay yesterday on Sunday 3rd December 2017 during lunch time. To my surprise, there were only few people eating and most of the stall still have the UOB $1 promotion. So trying not to miss the opportunity, my wife and I order quite a few foods from different stalls. Here they are.
UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com my wife and the foods
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: All foods on the table cost me only $3 – Claypot, Rojak and Coin Prata
What you guys see is only the first wave. Haha. These are the second wave.
UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com popcorn chicken with cheese $1
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Popcorn Chicken with Cheese
UOB Promotion Satay by the Bay jilaxzone.com Summer Holiday Dessert $1
UOB Promotion at Satay by the Bay: Summer Holiday Fruity Dessert
All these foods are $5 in total. Have a feast everyone!

Additional help that might handy for you

How to use UOB Mighty app, do check here (UOB Website)
How to use UOB card with Apple Pay, do check here or here (UOB Website).
How to use UOB card with Android Pay, do check here (UOB Website).

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