Delete WhatsApp Message Sent By Mistake From Recipient Phone – Remotely – Here’s how to do it

With 1.2 billion active users as of February 2017 – according to its Wikipedia page here – high chances WhatsApp is your primary way of communicating with friends, families, bosses, working colleagues, and probably your affair. Well, let’s not discuss the last one here. Let’s discuss what typically you and other people, including me, regret the most when using WhatsApp? Have you ever been in a situation where you send some messages wrongly? Be it as simple as replying to the wrong person or give a shitty-but-you-regret-for-sending-it reply to someone? And only after few moments sending those message, only then you realize you are sending them wrongly or the replies were too rude or too honest or whatever. Well, if you do, you are not alone. I was in that same situation before. Not only once, but multiple times.
However, those situations – send reply wrongly or regret for sending certain reply – now can be fixed. Recently somewhere October – November 2017, WhatsApp rolled up  a “Delete from Everyone” functionality where sender can delete message sent by mistake from the recipient phone so your message gets deleted on recipient phone – work for both single chat or group chat.

Here’s how you can delete your WhatsApp Message Sent by Mistake from All the Recipients Phones

1. Make sure you get the latest WhatsApp.
If you are unsure whether yours is the latest version or not, head down to the link below to check and update if required.
# iOS / iPhone Android
OS iOS 8 & up Android 4.3 (JellyBean) & up
Internet Connection Required Yes Yes
Download Link ios app store jilaxzone logo google play jilaxzone logo
QR Code
Alternative Link iOS link Android link


Delete WhatsApp Message rude message
Delete WhatsApp Message: You are sending very rude message or something accidentally and now regret about it

2. Tap and hold on the message you want to delete, until Delete menu appear.

Delete WhatsApp Message tap to delete
Delete WhatsApp Message: Tap and Hold the message you wish to delete


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3. Tap on Delete. Select all messages you want to delete.

Delete WhatsApp Message Trash Bin Icon
Delete WhatsApp Message: Select messages you want to delete and tap the Trash Bin Icon to delete them!

4. Tap on the Trash Bin icon.

Delete WhatsApp Message Delete for Everyone
Delete WhatsApp Message: Tap Delete for Everyone to delete message from everyone you sent

5. When prompted, tap on Delete for Everyone.

That’s it. Once you have successfully deleted the message, the following message will appear on your screen.

Delete WhatsApp Message You Deleted this Message
Delete WhatsApp Message: After delete it, you’ll get this message: “You deleted this message”


Caveats of Deleting WhatsApp Message(s) Sent by Mistake from All Recipients Phones

Although now WhatsApp has finally support deletion of messages from other people’s phones, however you have to be aware of some caveats – those that may get you into troubles.

1. You can delete WhatsApp Message within the next 7 minutes after it has been sent. Fail to do so – exceeding 7 minutes – , you won’t be able to delete the message anymore from other people’s phones.

2. Deletion of message(s) only work if you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. However, the recipients have to use the WhatsApp version that supports message pulling, otherwise, although you can try, the message simply won’t get deleted if the recipient is using old version of WhatsApp without “Delete from Everyone” feature.

3. Whatever message(s) you have sent, within 7 minutes, they can be pulled back and deleted from other people’s phones, however that does NOT stop them from taking screenshot of your message(s). So be really careful and mindful. Say, you really hate this guy and with burning emotion, you type and send “F*** YOU!”. One minute after sending it, you feel sorry for sending that kind of message and try to delete it from the guy’s phone. However, at the same time, he took screenshot out of it. So, even if you manage to delete that message, the other guy still have proof that you insult him with “F*** YOU!” words.

Bring it all together

It’s really a nice-to-have Delete from Everyone feature that finally brought in to WhatsApp to remotely delete any messages that has been sent to other people’s phone, since I – myself – sometimes – due to many factors – send the wrong reply 0r message accidentally to the wrong person and/or to the wrong group.

With this Delete from Everyone, I now am less worry about typing and sending WhatsApp messages wrongly. If I send them wrongly, all I need to do is to just say sorry and recalled the messages.

What do you guys think about this Delete from Everyone WhatsApp feature? Do you think you’ll ever use the feature? What are the worst thing you ever sent to WhatsApp and you regret for it? Leave your comments down below on the comment section. Cheers!

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