How to take Screenshots on iPhone X and How does it look like? Will the Notch be there?

Ever wonder what screenshot taken from an iPhone X looks like? Will the Notch be there on your screenshot image?
iPhone X Samsung Growing Up Ads
iPhone X: Will the screenshot taken on iPhone X have Notch like this guy’s head and haircut? (Image courtesy of
Well if you do wondering what the screenshot taken on an iPhone X will look like, that means you are either 1) have iPhone X but never take screenshot of your iPhone X screen – most likely you don’t know how to do it (tutorial below),  or 2) not getting your iPhone X yet – so you don’t know, or 3) not buying one or 4) just be curious about it. Anyway whatever that is, if you are thinking the screenshot image result will be like Samsung advertisement above – guy with Notch hairstyle, you are totally wrong.

Apple iPhone X Screenshot Result: The Fact!

As it turns out, despite having notch on the upper part of iPhone X, the screenshot taken and produced on iPhone X will still showing full picture without the notch.
iPhone X take screenshot result
iPhone X: The screenshot result – ignoring the notch (Image courtesy of
Hopefully this can cure your curiosity about how the image result of screenshot taken on an iPhone X will appear.

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Do you know how to take screenshot of the Apple iPhone X screen?

While the past previous iPhone before iPhone X, they are all have home button, and to take screenshot of the iPhone screen, simply press Power button + Home button at the same time.
iPhone X, however, does not have the Home button anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take screenshot of the iPhone X screen.

Here’s how to take screenshot on Apple iPhone X:

a. Press Power button and Volume Up button at the same time.
b. Hold it, until it clicks and screenshot is taken.
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