UberEats – How to stop getting new request to avoid overwhelming yourself

As an UberEats driver, not sure if this applicable also for normal Uber driver, have you ever feel so overwhelmed with requests? You just get a new request, not even move an inch and yet here you are getting another new request? If yes, then we were on the same boat, well at least for my case, I used to get overwhelmed with requests but now not anymore – in a good way and because of using tips below.

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UberEats: getting a new request
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Do you know that you can stop getting new request from UberEats?

Of course without compromising your earnings, acceptance rate, cancellation rate and the most important thing is your satisfaction rate.

Short answer is yes. There’s a way for you as an Uber Driver to stop getting new request the moment you have received a request.

UberEats Tips and Tricks jilaxzone.com multiple requests
UberEats: Overwhelmed with requests – Good and Bad

Here’s how to stop getting new request from UberEats

For whatever reasons you have, from safety reason – do you know how dangerous to accept a new request while walking or even riding a bike? – to just feel tired after so many requests done, here are steps to stop getting new request from UberEats:

1. You need to first get a request from UberEats

UberEats Tips and Tricks jilaxzone.com Stop new request
UberEats: Stop getting new request till you have delivered whatever on-hand
2. Once you get a food delivery request from them, don’t be panicking and don’t go straight away looking for the food pick-up address, but rather tap on the right corner of the screen, then on the black interface, tap “Stop getting new request”.

3. And really that’s it. You can pick-up the food and deliver it to the customer without getting afraid to miss any request or being bugged in-between by incoming request.

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How to continue to get new request after completing the last request

Just do as per normal once you have successfully delivered the food to the customer, do confirm drop-off then confirm delivery.

UberEats Tips and Tricks jilaxzone.com continue getting new request
UberEats: Continue getting new request – after completing previous request
Once both have been confirmed, if previously you were stopping to get a new request, the app will prompt you either to “Go offline” or “Stay Online”.

Choose “Stay Online” to continue getting new request.


To summarize

Getting bunch of food delivery requests are good, however only if you can manage it, otherwise what you get is customers scolding you for delivering their food so late and even worst when their foods turned cold already. So balance yourself, use the trick above to stop getting new request until you complete the current delivery task on hand if you feel overwhelmed.

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