The World has lost another 2G-Supporting Carriers

Singapore Said Good Bye to 2G Technology

If you are one of many who still owned a good ol’ Nokia phone or many other phones with 2G-only technology and yet you are here in Singapore and since 1st April 2017 ago you can’t make phone call nor sms nor even see the signal bar, there’s really nothing wrong with your phone. It’s  mainly because since 1st April 2017, Singapore shut down their 2G networks completely.  Yes completely. Forever and ever. Amen!
Bye 2G Network Good ol Nokia Phone
Bye 2G Network: Good ol’ Nokia Phone won’t work anymore in Singapore

Like what mentioned in my previous article, the world is slowly but sure, shutting down their 2G networks.

Bye 2G Technology

Without you, life will never be the same. Without you, the world probably would never knew SMS not even mobile internet nor WhatsApp.
There wouldn’t be 3G or even 4G/LTE and there even wouldn’t be the upcoming 5G.
The big internet companies with their apps as we know today such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they might never exists without the invention of 2G.

Even worst, iPhone and Android, things that powered you today on daily basis, would never been invented without the invention of 2G.

Good bye 2G. You have served us well.

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How Does 2G Shutting Down Impact You and Your Life?

Depends on who you are and where you live, but for most of the people who have moved on to use 3G/4G/LTE phone and 3G/4G/LTE sim card, myself included, there’s really no impact. In fact, the moment 2G network has been shut down for good, your overall browsing experience will be faster.
Are you or will you get impacted by the shutting down of 2G network?



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