Experiencing iOS 10 Beta – Day 2: Bugs encountered

Today is the 2nd day I’m using iOS 10 beta on my production device (aka my iPhone used daily), and so far I can survive and live with it. To those who wants to install iOS 10 beta, here is the step by step link.

Here are 7 bugs I found on so far on my iPhone after 2 days using iOS 10 Public Beta 1 – some reproduce-able, some don’t:

  1. The time often missing from top of the screen. Did you even notice?
  2. iMessage keeps crashing when sending image(s).
    • Step to reproduce: open your Photos app, select few images, then tap on Share button and choose Message. Type in the recipient on ‘To’ column, and it crashes.
    • Only after a few attempts the crashes is gone.
  3. 1 alarm sound multiple times

    iOS 10 Bug: 1 Alarm sound multiple times - jilaxzone.com
    1 Alarm sound multiple times – jilaxzone.com
  4. Screen is overly sensitive, when I tried to open folder and select the app, quite often I find my icons jiggling with ‘X’ app deletion button.
  5. Power button (before iPhone 6, it’s located on top of the iPhone, iPhone 6 and above it’s located on the right side of the iPhone) is overly sensitive also. When I tried to screen capture, most of the times the iOS prompt me to ‘Slide to power off’ the iPhone.
  6. This is not a bug, but since Apple is trying to get as much data from public testers, Apple trying to ‘spoof’ everything. My Chrome browser is no longer working after updating to iOS10 beta. Reason: Apple beta program profile installed is redirecting most of the traffic to somewhere to capture the data

    iOS 10 day 2 bug jilaxzone.com cannot use other browser
    iOS 10 Beta Can’t use other browser yet – jilaxzone.com
  7. Apps that is not updated to support 64-bit, will give you warning pop up. Not just once, but sometime they can be about 10 times for one app.

    Non 64 bit apps prompt warning jilaxzone.com
    Non 64 bit apps prompt warning – jilaxzone.com

To those who have installed iOS 10 Public Beta 1, how is your experience? Did you find other bugs not mention above? Do let us know.

To those who haven’t installed iOS 10 Public Beta 1, will you guys want to install given this is beta and bugs are expected?


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