Wi-Fi Alliance put an end to confusing Wi-Fi Naming once and for all. Meet the new WiFi 6.

WiFi 6? Where are the WiFi 5 and before?!

If you are not techie or geek enough, most likely you’ll get confused with the Wi-Fi standard naming, especially if you are planning to buy or upgrade your Wi-Fi router at home. The label they put on the Wi-Fi devices are something like WiFi 802.11b, WiFi 802.11a, WiFi 802.11g, WiFi 802.11n, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and Wi-Fi 802.11ax.

Do you know all of them? Do you also know which one comes first and which one comes last? Well, good if you know. That means you are geek enough.

Do you also know which is one the correct one, Wi-Fi or WiFi? Turns out, both are fine – since the Wi-Fi Alliance website use both Wi-Fi and WiFi interchangeably.

Finally Wi-Fi Names will no longer be confusing!

Now these confusing names will be replaced with a more human-readable-easier-to-understand naming convention once and for all.

These is the image from Wi-Fi Alliance website.

Wi-Fi_generations jilaxzone.com
New Wi-Fi Naming Convention making Wi-Fi now easier to identify which one is the latest and fastest. Image courtesy of wi-fi.org.

Though they never really mentioned about Wi-Fi 1 to 3, but basically here they are.

Existing Wi-Fi Name New Name Frequencies Speed
802.11b Wi-Fi 1 2.4 GHz 11 Mbps
802.11a Wi-Fi 2 5 Ghz 54 Mbps
802.11g Wi-Fi 3 2.4GHz 54 Mbps
802.11n Wi-Fi 4 5 Ghz up to 300 Mbps
802.11ac Wi-Fi 5 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz up to 2.34 Gbps
802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz up to 11 Gbps

With this Wi-Fi name changing into a much better and easier to understand, hoping people will no longer get confused or tricked when they are buying something related to Wi-Fi.

So which generation is your Wi-Fi router at home? Is it time to upgrade for a better speed?

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