Would you rather work from home or back to office? [Join the Poll]

After the curve is flattened and lock downs are over, would you rather continue work from home or back to office?

The question probably may not be applicable to everyone, but to those applicable, would you rather continue working from home when all of these is over? Or back to the old routine, working from the office?

COVID-19 has done a lot damages. Businesses closed and many went bankrupt. People locked down at home, some lost their jobs, many lost their lives to the virus. But looking from the positive side, there’s one good thing that without COVID-19, it may takes years or centuries to come to revolutionise the way people work. We have the necessary capacity and technology since quite sometime ago to enable people to work from just about anywhere, however due to many reasons, mainly security, it didn’t happen. But things have changed a lot, with COVID-19 presence, it accelerated the office revolution – it forced companies to use the capacity and technology we have invented for quite sometime ago, enable their employees to WFH – Work From Home. Even banks – which known to be very strict on their systems and data – is now allowing their employees and even vendors to work from home.

What about you?

I’m giving my work from home’s view and experience on the next paragraph. What about you, which one do you prefer? Do give your comments or thoughts down below or hit the link and join the poll.

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My Work From Home experience

It’s been almost 1 quarter – about 3 months since I first started working from home. When the first announcement about working from home was made, I was very reluctant, partly because I didn’t think it’s going to be comfortable working at home. I live in tropical country, on sunny day the temperature outside could range between 30-33 degrees Celsius (86-91 degrees Fahrenheit). Inside home, it’s going to be even hotter than outside. While I could turn on the air conditioner the whole day, it wouldn’t be good –  not to the environment nor to my pocket. I have no kids yet, but my wife is at home too. She could constantly disturb me with all home related tasks which I normally got from her on weekends.

stay hydrated while exercising jilaxzone.com
Working from home means more time to exercise

But anyway, lockdown happened, people were told to stay and work from home, except those who really can’t work from home. The company I’m working with has enabled my equipment to work from home and so it all happened.

When it finally happened

The first day came and it turned out it’s not as bad as I thought before. My home is windy enough – probably because I’m sitting on the highest floor, so I could focus on doing my job tasks without much sweating. Sometimes I turned on the fan and it’s greatly improved the working condition during some super hot days. My wife turned out to be supportive too – she didn’t task me with any chores at all – unlike during weekends.

SG Singapore jilaxzone.com HDB Pinnacle@Duxton
Working from home as it turned out is not as bad as I first thought!

Fast forward to today, I feel I don’t want to go back to office forever. It’s not that I don’t like my job, but doing the job I’m doing now, I want to keep it working from home – because anyway, now while sitting at home, I can do pretty much everything the job needs me to do plus something more.

These are reasons why I prefer to continue working from home

Your own mileage may vary, but these are mine.

1) Save commute or travel time to do something meaningful. I can try out new things (that related to work), I can read more books (either related to work, life or investing), I can compose more articles like this.

Road Trip to New Zealand Fiordland National Park Lake Te Anau
Working from home brings more time with families

2) I have now more time with families. My wife, parents, siblings. More time to communicate with them. I can have lunch together with my wife and using zoom, I can have lunch together with my parents who stay across the border.

3) I don’t need to confront those talkative persons at work directly (no offense). In a call or conference, in case I’m tired listening to their talking, I can just mute the speaker, leave the call/conference without them knowing and back when they finished talking.

4) As someone introvert, it’s a good time for me to go and do presentations – a virtual one – without the need to stand in front of so many faces. I can practice to improve my gestures and the way I talk doing presentation, like I’m on the stage but without them looking at me – no pressure feeling.

Road Trip to New Zealand fill up gas anywhere you can
Working from home means lesser people drive their car to office = less pollution

5) Make the world less polluted, make the streets less crowded. The lesser people travel or commute to work, the lesser toxic gas emission produced, the better the streets conditions are. Oh and the streets are available to those need them the most (such as those sicks in ambulance who needs to go to hospital asap, those delivery couriers, postmen).

COVID-19 please go away, WFH please stay!

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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