Smartphone users: Don’t buy 1 TB Micro-SD Card before you do this

The news broke from The Verge few days ago (link here). Today, there is a 1 TB Micro SD card you can buy.

It was just like yesterday I got my hands on the first 1 TB hard disk, now I’m seeing 1 TB in forms of Micro SD. What an achievement in technology and engineering! Both technology and engineering have advanced so fast in last couple of years.

One important thing to note before buying 1 TB Micro SD

Priced at US$450 (actual price is $449.99), this 1 TB Micro SD for sure it’s not cheap. With the same amount of money, you can get a latest decent spec Android smartphone (Eg: Xiaomi Mi 9 – check here).

sandisk extreme 1TB micro sd price
SanDisk Extreme 1 TB Micro SD Card Price – Taken from on 17 May 2019

But, let say you got the (extra) money and are willing to spend your money on it and thinking to slot it to your smartphones or tablets, before proceeding to buy the 1 TB Micro SD card, do consider to check whether or not your smartphone supports the card, because today there are only a few compatible smartphones that support for 1 TB Micro SD card – though I found none. The easiest way to do it is by visiting the smartphone manufacturer specification page.

samsung galaxy s10 not compatible with 1tb microsd card
Samsung Galaxy S10 (all models) is not compatible with SanDisk 1 TB Micro SD

To give you an example, the latest and greatest smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S10 (all models) is only supporting Micro SD cards up to 512 GB only (check the full specs here).

So, who’s buying?

Anybody here thinking to buy one? Which device are you going to use it with?

For those who need to order, here’s the link to SanDisk Online Store: here.

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