Cloudflare does NOT double up your internet speed! Here’s what people normally get wrong about CloudFlare faster internet.

CloudFlare – one of the well-known Internet performance and security company – has gained popularity in the recent months, thanks to its DNS service which was launched initially back on early 2018 mainly for desktops, biz and home Wi-Fi users, but only recently introduced apps for Android as well as iOS to make browsing faster on the mobile devices.

CloudFlare offers as DNS service and claimed to be the fastest DNS resolver on the planet. While the claim is true – DNSPerf backed it up –  however most of people get it wrongly.

What people normally got it wrong about Cloudflare

CloudFlare is not necessarily making your internet run faster!

Let say, if you have 500 Mbps internet connection, by using CloudFlare DNS service, your internet won’t become 1 Gbps internet connection, nor it will be 600 Mbps.

CloudFlare faster internet is coming
CloudFlare faster internet is coming!

Before going into details, do you know what a DNS resolvers do? DNS is short for Domain Name System. DNS resolver is basically the internet address book that works pretty much similar like your phone book app inside your phone. These days, you don’t really try to remember your friends’ phone number on your head right? Since if you need to get in touch with them, you can search for their name, then hit the call or message button.

Same goes to DNS resolver, it helps to translate whatever URL address you put on your web browsers/your apps are requesting into sets of IP addresses. For example, when you type in “” or ““, DNS resolver will look-up to its DNS book and translate that URL address you keyed in into IP address and open the website to you for your consumption. You would prefer to type in the URL address instead of something like “”, right? Well, at least if you are considered yourself as normal, you would choose to type in the website address rather than the IP address.

CloudFlare DNS speed jilaxzone
CloudFlare is the fastest DNS resolver but not necessarily makes your internet speed faster!

CloudFlare is one of the DNS resolver service providers and turned out to be the fastest one (according to DNSPerf)- the fastest in translating the URL address become sets of IP address. And since the translating process is faster compare to the rest providers, your overall internet browsing experience become “faster” as well, since web page will be rendered and shown once the URL address is translated and pointed to the correct IP address.


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Cloudflare is not always the fastest one

I did few round of testing using both Google Internet Speed Test (here) as well as Ookla SpeedTest (Android, iOS), and the results are inconsistent. Sometimes using CloudFlare is faster both download and upload speed, but there are times where without the CloudFlare turned on, my download and upload speed is way faster.

I’ll try to upload the results here next time. But you can try yourself in case you don’t believe me.

So here’s the conclusion on CloudFlare DNS Service.

What CloudFlare DNS Service DOES:

1) It helps translate your Internet queries (of website addresses) faster than the rest competitors

2) It’s made a very good promise not not to track you in anyway and not to sell your data

3) It’s free and easy to use it. For mobile users, use the following link to download: Android, iOS.

CloudFlare is not VPN service 2
CloudFlare is not a VPN service! I’m opening from Singapore and since the service is not officially rolled out here, I still can’t access it though I’m using CloudFlare

What CloudFlare does NOT do:

1) CloudFlare is not a VPN, though on iPhone and iOS device it’s showing [VPN] logo.

2) Since it’s not VPN, you will still unable to access any websites that has region / country locked/limitation.


So should you install on your mobile phones or apply it on your Wi-Fi router/Computer?

Yes! Because regardless of the wrong assumption people are getting on the faster internet service, CloudFlare is indeed faster in translating the website address and overall delivering you web pages way much faster than other DNS Resolver providers.


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