My 400th published post! And the reason why I do blogging.

I may use post or article interchangeably here but basically post = article.

In fact this article is my 423th published post once I publish it.

The first 100 articles I never really tracked, but I started this blog back in 7th July 2016.

It took me 17 months to reach 200 articles.

It took me another 6 months to reach 300 articles.

But now within the next 5 months, I can get another 100 articles, making it 400 articles in total.

400 published articles = Another achievement to celebrate!

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This is me and my wife 2 years back and this is our blog.

Yes, compare to big websites and famous bloggers, 400 posts are nothing, but to me (and my wife) it’s an achievement to celebrate. Each and every post I (and my wife) have published are curated based on my (and my wife) own experiences. Not single article published here is copied from somewhere else.

Fun Fact: 1 post published every 2.025 days

Within 27 months of this website – was first up and running on 7/7/2016 – and with average 30 days/month, the whole 27 months resulting in 810 days. With total 400 articles have been published to date, that means every 2.025 days 1 post was published on by counting in Saturday and Sunday in – which is an improvement from previously 2.2 days last time here.

Why I wrote those articles and why I will keep writing?

7 Honestbee Habitat by Honestbee cozy seatings
I wrote things related to my wife and my own experiences that includes life hack, traveling, foods we love

Well, the reason is pretty much still the same like what I was written previously on my 300th published post article here – for those who are wondering why I spend my time writing all these articles.

With main intention is to record all of my experiences while at the same time – since it’s published on a public searchable website – anybody who happen to read the articles can get benefit from reading them – helping them in some part of their lives. With all these articles, one day I could come back and see what I have been doing in my life all this time – it’s some sort memory jumper where I can easily and quickly see all my past experiences – especially since I’m a forgetful person.

Another intention is hoping this blog could be my showcase if one day I’m registering as one of the writer on one of the big publishing companies.

Lastly the intention is hoping this blog can be one of my other sources of income, so at least the cost to run this blog can be covered from the advertising, well in fact after around 7 months activating Google AdSense on this blog, the cost of running this blog has been fully covered – I have collected S$514.85 at the time this article is written.

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I also wrote things related to technology and gadgets, tweaks, review – all based on my finding and my own experiences

Why you should consider start writing/journaling as well?

With the same intention as mine, you should try to write/make journal as well. Not only you’ll get many benefits from it (as I have explained earlier) but other people happen to read your writing shall get help too.

UberEats Driver Q&A
I also wrote things related to opportunities – all based on my own experiences

You don’t need to have writing skills and even you don’t need to pay anything as you can easily find and register for any free blog websites such as and

See my 300th published post article here.

Thanks and see you on my 500th posts later!

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Hi, thanks for reading my article. I do spend my time and efforts writing this article based on my own experiences for my own journal as well as to share the knowledge to whoever read it so hopefully they can get the benefit out of it

If you find and feel this article is good and helping you in anyway, help me to spread the words by sharing this article to your family, friends, acquaintances so all this goodness, my spent time and efforts do not just stop at you, they will also get the same goodness and benefit from it.

Thank you!

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