Protect Your Brand New $1000 iPhone XS Max With This $10 or less Accessory (Hint: Not Case and Not Screen Protector)

So you have probably got that brand new shiny iPhone – the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max or soon the iPhone XR, and you have applied the standard protection protocol to your brand new $1000 iPhone: case and screen protector (aka tempered glass).

Well, all is good except both screen protector and case, they don’t really protect your new iPhone from the possibility of falling from your grip of your hands. Both case and screen protector will only protect your new iPhone from getting into much worse shape when it fall and landed on the floor. And we all know the fact that brand new iPhone – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and even the iPhone XR – has both front and back are all made of glass. If really the iPhone slips out from your grip and hands, the next thing you know is the cracking sound of those glass.

In case you haven’t got yours, see below the unboxing video of both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max by Youtuber: Marques Brownlee.

As you can see from the video above and though during the Apple Special Event presentation, Apple told the world that the new iPhone is made from the toughest glass, but glass is glass. When it fall from 1 meter high or more, high chances the glass will give up and cracked.

Protect New iPhone with the $10 (or less) Accessory

So apart from the standard protection protocol – case and screen protector – you should consider to also use this accessory. While it won’t fully protect your iPhone, but at least it will tremendously reduced the possibility of having the iPhone slip off from your hands grip. This is the $10 accessory which people call it “Phone Ring Holder”. (see image below in case you need to visualize what is a Phone Ring Holder).

iRing Protect your smartphone from falling
Phone Ring Holder – Protect your smartphone from falling when you are holding to it.

Ignore the iPhone – it is my now-considered-old iPhone 7 Plus – but this accessory has so many times help me save my iPhone from falling and get dented while under my grip, and most importantly save me money for not fixing cracked glass. Today, almost 2 year plus after I bought this iPhone back in 2016, my iPhone 7 Plus is still in physically great condition – no glass cracking, no dented body – thanks to the phone ring holder.

The same accessory will also help you save your $1000 iPhone. Good thing is, this “Phone Ring Holder” comes with different size, shapes and color, prices and you can easily get it literally anywhere – your nearby local store might have it. So you may not like mine because I do agree it looks ugly, but you can find one that suits you and your brand new iPhone.

So don’t wait. After getting your new iPhone, best is to get this Phone Ring Holder and install it to your new iPhone. Cheers!


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