It’s no longer the sky is the limit. Today, the outer space is the new limit. Where are you now in your life?

What have you achieved so far? How far are you willing to push yourself?

It used to be the sky is the limit. With Elon Musk’s Space X successfully launched a reusable rockets and Jeff Bezos plan to colonize the space with its Blue Origin space exploration, now I can say the outer space is the limit.

But it’s not about how we are going to outer space I’m trying to make a point here. I’m talking about our own-self achievements here.

The outer sky is really the limit and everyone start from Earth ground

The outer sky is now the limit and everybody starts from the Earth Ground - Where are you now in your life?
The outer sky is now the limit and everybody starts from the Earth Ground – Where are you now in your life?

Elon Musk earned this title, mission impossible man, or some said he is the actual Marvel heroes Tony Stark aka Iron Man of our time, because of his continuous achievements, pushing barriers in technologies, bringing and enhancing us towards better life- despite him being a narcissist. Who can make oil-rich country like Saudi Arabia rethink their future strategy in oil if it’s not because and due to Elon Musk and his Tesla electric car company which no longer dependent on using fossil fuel anymore. If you are following latest news, after the oil price fell on 2013, since then Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in technology for its future.

And you know what, Elon Musk is no more than just a human like the rest of us. And he was started everything from the humble beginning. Same goes to the unbeatable giant e-commerce retailer of our time, Jeff Bezos, which his companies (Amazon and plenty of subsidiaries) now are world top most successful companies if not the top most profitable companies of our time and you know what, he is just another human, like Elon Musk and us. And he is also start from a very humble beginning.

How about you? Where are you now in your life?

For me myself, these are my achievements so far, my plans and future plans, including things I have done and I haven’t done. And so far I’m on the right track to go to my own outer space.

Where are you now in your life?
Where are you now in your life?

What have you planned and done? What have you planned but not done? What’s your future plans?

Dream big. Achieve big. And start taking action now!

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