Enable Developer Options on Any Android Smartphones and Tablets

How to Enable Developer Options on Android

Here’s how you can enable Developer Options or Developer Mode on any of your Android devices (Smartphone or Tablet).

Android Speed Up Enable Developer Option
Tap Build Number 7 times to enable Developer Option

1) In Android Oreo, Go to Settings, then tap on System and tap on About Phone or About Tablet.

In other Android versions, go to Settings then About Phone or About Tablet.

2) Inside About Phone or About Tablet, find and tap 7 times on Build Number. You’ll get warning notification, keep tapping until you see “You are now a developer!

3) Now go back to System (Android Oreo) or Settings (the rest Android version). You should see the Developer Options enabled.


Why You Should Enable Android Developer Options

Because there are plenty hidden settings inside which you can use to improve your usage/device usage. Here’s what a developer options on Android Oreo can do.

Android Speed up Settings Developer Options
Developer Options enabled!

1) You can see the Memory activity – how much memory (RAM) is consumed, down to each apps details. Inside memory option, you can also see which apps are starting at boot. If your device is booting way to long, you may want to consider disable the app from starting during booting.

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2) Access to Development Tools, things like Accounts Tester, Cache Abuser, Connectivity and so much more.

3) Take bug report. Give either interactive report or full report to Google

4) Activate Advance Restart where you can have option to restart in recovery mode or bootloader mode.

5) Enable Desktop Backup Password to password protect on desktop backup.

6) Keep Android stay awake during charging by enabling Stay awake.

7) Change the HDCP checking behavior: never check, check for DRM content only or always check.

8) Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log to capture all HCI package into a file.

9) View and take control at Running Services on the Android. Stop them if need to, to free your device memory.

10) Change Picture color mode to use sRGB.

11) Change WebView implementation default app.

12) Activate System UI demo mode.

13) Activate Root access.

14) Manage root accesses.

15) Enable and configure Debugging 

16) Enable Networking, common things here are to change and select the USB configuration: either charging only, MTP, PTP, RNDIS, Audio Source or MIDI; select Bluetooth version.

17) Configure Input, such as Showing taps and pointer location.

18) Configure Drawing, common things here are to change Window animation scale and Transition animation scale.

19) Configure Hardware Accelerated rendering 

20) Configure Media, to disable audio routing

21) Configure Monitoring, to enable strict mode, enable profile GPU rendering

22) Configure Apps behavior, such as don’t keep activities, limit background process, enable disable apps, use back button as kill button.

My Developer Options Settings Recommendations and What I am Using

Apart from checking Memory activities to know which apps are hogging my memory, I am using Developer option to also:

  • Switch which app to start during boot, I remove apps which are not important to start during booting.
  • Switch USB configuration between charging only (if I am charging my device on someone else’s computer or houses) and MTP.
  • Activate advance restart to go direct into Recovery mode. Easy for me to install a new custom ROM.
  • Enable debugging, allowing ADB connection, this is also make it easier for me to install a new custom ROM from computer.
  • Tweak Android speed, make it faster by reducing the animation. Do check here on my other article showing in detail how to use Developer Options to tweak your slow Android to be much more faster – all without rooting.


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