Ignore the Fight Between Elon Musk and Thai Cave Rescuer. These Life Lessons are More Important to Learn – Surviving Nature

The unlucky event is over. While Elon Musk is still fighting over tweets and comments between him and the Thai Cave rescuer, the 12 boys together with their teacher have been successfully extracted out from the flooded cave safely.

In case you missed the news, refer here for news related to 12 Thai Boys including their teacher who went missing 4 weeks back inside a cave.

Now, regardless of who and whose method manage to save the team – please don’t argue about that here since the most important thing – save the boys – was done – these are life lessons we all can learned from the Thai Cave-trapped incident, knowing such incident can happen to anyone, including you and me.

Life Lessons We All Can Learn From The Thai-Cave Trapped Incident

To avoid same thing from happening to us, especially in natural places like mountain climbing, cave exploring, sea diving, etc, these are lessons and things we can do to avoid or at least minimize it.

1) Learn how to swim

Like it or not, our dear Earth is mainly covered in water. 2/3 of it is water. So if you are not able to swim, do take your time to learn it now. And despite all the efforts done to stop global warming, but ice on the Earth poles are keep melting – raising the sea water, so let’s be prepared for the worst.

surviving nature learn how to swim and float jilaxzone.com
Learn how to float in water – may save your life during emergency!

You don’t need to learn complicated swimming style, just learn how float in water and not to panic when you are inside the water.

2) Update status to parents, spouse, siblings, friends

If you are travelling to places you seldom visiting, be it natural places like mountain or cave, foreign cities or countries, do update your parents, spouse, siblings or friends. It may help you giving them hints when you are lost. The easiest way to do this is being narcissist in social media – keep posting on where you are.


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3) Bring Power bank and charging cable.

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com charging cable and power bank
Power bank and charging cable – may save your life during emergency!

They might add a few pounds to your backpack but bringing them proven handy especially if you are planning to go somewhere with no electric socket to charge your phone.

4) Bring proper equipments and do proper preparations.

Especially if it’s nature places. Don’t underestimate nature. There were many cases before Thai Boys Trapped inside the cave incident which took over people lives just because they went to nature places unprepared.

Bring proper equipments and do proper preparations. Because it’s nature, you won’t know what and when disasters are going to happen.

5) Put some extra money on your phone case, just in case you need it.

Put money in between Phone and Case

You might lost your wallet, be it stolen or just pure unlucky event – you dropped it or you leave it somewhere. Without that extra money you saved somewhere else (Eg: phone case, luggage, emergency container), 2 options for you: beg for help from strangers or walk back home. Of course, putting or hiding extra money should be easier for you.

Here’s the full article you can refer for tips if you lost your wallet.

6) Carry or buy water bottle with you.

Carry or buy water bottle with you + the water
Carry or buy water bottle with you + the water

Especially if you know or unsure that nobody is going to sell water. Bring food/snacks also with you if you plan to go more than 2 hours.

7) Know where you are going, get ready with emergency contact number, know the local emergency contact number.

You may not know what lies ahead of you, be it exploring inside the cave, forest, mountain, or do diving on the lake, sea, rivers. But you should by right know where you are going, so get yourself ready with local emergency contact number that might save your life during crisis.

Bring It All Together

Thai Boys get rescued jilaxzone.com
Illustration of the missing Thai Boys found by the diver – Courtesy of BBC.com

​Getting all those things and lessons prepared for yourself are way much better rather than waiting for miracles to happen during difficult time. At least with all those things on hand, you will have higher chance of survival.

Do give your comments and thoughts down below on the comment section. Cheers!


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