Google has a new game and it’s about Machine Learning. Meet Emoji Scavenger Hunt.

It’s fun and it’s FREE to play. Check the introduction video here.

Using Emoji and TensorFlow.js – open-source JavaScript Machine Learning library from Google, Google is showing you how machine learning works and at the same time, have fun with it.
On the game first level, it will just ask you to find any common random item.
Since you need to pinpoint your camera to find the asked item, Google at the same time, scan the surrounding area, and in real-time identify the objects you have and translate to them into emoji and likely to make it the next item to search.
Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game Real-Time TensorFlow
Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game: Identify Surrounding Area in Real-Time with TensorFlow

The next subsequent levels, the game make use of anything it managed to scan and identify, make it as your next item to find. The game has timer on it, which means you have to find the items before the time runs out. Once time has run out, it’s game over.

This is me playing the game. I managed to find 5 items successfully and still have 52 seconds left.

Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game Item found
Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game: Managed to complete 5 challenges – In Real-Time, the game identify and match the object seen on camera

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Link to the Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game

Oh! There’s no download link since the game is browser based game.
Here’s the link to the game: Emoji Scavenger Hunt.
The game has been optimized to be used on the following browser:
For Android users, use Chrome.
In case you don’t have Chrome installed on your Android device, here’s the link to download Chrome.
google play store jilaxzone logo Android
For iOS users, use Safari.
For Desktop users, hmm I don’t recommend playing this game with desktop, but in case you insists, Chrome is your best choice.
Other browsers (mobile/desktop) may or may not fully work. Give them a try yourself.
In order to play the game, the following access must be granted:
Access to your phone camera
Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game Access to Camera
Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt Game: Need access to your camera to play the game
Have fun seeing how machine learning works! How many items you managed to find? Do give your comments on comment section down below.
If you are interested with A.I, Machine learning, do head over here. Google has a FREE course (for limited time only I’m afraid) which you can see and find on the link.
If you are a developer and like to see the source code, do head on the GitHub page here.


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