I Limit Social Media Long Time Back And You Should Too. Here’s Why. #deletefacebook

With recent incidents related to fake news and everything else that blaming the social media giant over personal data leaks that leads to #deletefacebook movement over the internet, I would like to use this very moment to tell you guys to consider limiting the use of Social Media in your life.​ While quiting or deleting probably seemed too extreme for some of you guys – given all the networks you may have built so far – I would choose to limit the use of it over my life.
I have pledged to limit and make them (Social Media – whatever that is) not my priority (such as keep checking friends status and updates over and over ) since long time back, long before all this incidents and #deletefacebook happened. I do still have outdated version of Facebook app on my iPhone and most of the time logged off from it. I do log in only if I need to check or do something and once done, I’ll log it off again. I ignore my LinkedIn notifications and messages as well. All for good reasons which I will cover and explain below.
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg jilaxzone.com
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Last Post was on 3rd March 2018 – Screenshot taken on 21th March 2018
Even Mark Zuckerberg himself, Facebook founder and owner, limit himself from Facebook. As you can see for yourself on the photo below. The photo was taken on 21st March 2018 and Mark Zuckerberg’s last post was on 3rd March 2018. That’s 18 days in between (2 and half weeks). As busy as he was, posting status to Social Media (eg: his own company – Facebook) should not be that difficult, in fact it only takes not more than 1 to 2 minutes. The fact that he himself limit Social Media in his life – that’s one of the reason why you should do it too.

Here’s why you should consider limiting yourself on the Social Media

#deletefacebook Limit Social Media in Your Life jilaxzone.com
Why You Should Consider Limiting Yourself from Social Media – Logo courtesy of respective Logo Owners – Image courtesy of Google.com

1. You can be victim of fake news

The more you are into Social Media, the deeper you goes into, the easier you can be victim of fake news, since likely you will believe whatever your friends/channels are saying about something.

2. It doesn’t have much value add to you and in fact makes you anti-social person.

But how come? Because you are not really interacting with them.
It does connect you to relatives, friends and long lost friends (and that’s the only value add you’ll get from Social Media) but you should consider schedule a meet up with them and talk face to face with them. It will be more lively and lovely to interact with them in real time face to face, rather than a bunch of texts and thumbs up in Social Media.

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3. You become super ignorant to people surrounds you.

Pokemon Go jilaxzone.com Pokemon craze in Singapore Alexandra Bus Stop
Most of them are looking at their phone screen – Not really interacting one to another
Do you even notice?
Nowadays people choose to interact with their device and Social Media accounts rather than talking and interacting with people nearby.
So yes, Social Media keeps you away from people nearby you. When you have families, relatives, friends nearby, stop checking Social Media and be present to them or whoever you are with.

4. It tricks your brain to always want more.

Android is for everyone jilaxzone.com
Social Media tricks your brain to always want more and more
One of the Social Media biggest and deepest trap. Hard to run away.
Your rich friend just went to Paris for their honeymoon, so you do want the same or even better despite your financial status.
Your friend just bought a new GoPro, seeing that on Social Media and without much research whether you will really make use of it or not, you want the same or even better than what he bought. Does that happen to you? I bet yes to most of you.
Being active in Social Media, you’ll likely get tricked to always want more and more.
While it’s not entirely a bad thing, but you have to take into consideration your own situation, especially if it’s related to money.

5. It distracts you a lot. Multiple times. And brings you nowhere near your goals.

we are the champion jilaxzone.com winning your goal
Social Media likely brings you nowhere near your goals
Your friend just go to toilet and poop and post a status. Is that something important to you?
What have you achieved by keep looking and checking at Social Media?
Seriously. Turn off notifications and get focus on what’s on you now – do it at least when you are doing something productive (eg: work, study, or gathering physically with other people). You may turn back on the notifications while you are free.

6. It waste so much of your time and energy and so it does the same to your phone battery or your Computer electricity.

Most Precious Asset and Commodity Time jilaxzone.com Time 2
The Most Precious Asset and Commodity of All TIME is TIME. So VALUE your TIME as every second is really worth
After spending so much time and energy, other than latest friends’ status, what else you got? Have you ever really counted how much time (and energy) both you and your phone/Computer/gadgets wasted checking Social Media?
Unless you are making money on it – posting articles, videos, pictures that generates money – do consider limit yourself in Social Media. Life is too short to be wasted on Social Media only.

7. Don’t be #FOMO

Really I’m telling you. Your friends actually don’t care if you are missing, doesn’t give thumbs up or like to their posts, videos, photos.

Bring It All Together

Social Media is not all bad. It connects you to people. However that relationship, should not just end and last on the platform. Use it to say hello or schedule a meet up with friends.
When you are on it, set a time limit on when and how long you can visit Facebook or other Social Media.
To avoid distractions by Social Media, consider uninstalling the app. You can still check your Social Media account using your browser. You’ll get less distraction.
Finally, change the way you use social media. Rather than only checking everyone else’s status, try to learn something new from it or make money from it. Check here how you can make Millennial money.
Do give comments and your thoughts on the comment section below. Cheers!


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