$5 Accessories That Help Save Your Expensive Smartphone From Falling, Cracking and Getting Dents – MUST HAVE!

You just bought that new fancy looking smartphone that cost you hundreds to thousands dollars. Be it the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy, latest Google Pixel, anything. And if you are like me, who value hard-earned money which is just spent to buy the fancy smartphone and hoping it can serve you for at least 1-2 years down the road, you’ll be afraid if the fancy smartphone you just bought falls down accidentally and causing either screen cracked or phone gets dented and/or out of shape and worst render it unusable. I put a case and probably you should too!

Smartphone gets cranky when its screen is cracked and a phone case is not enough to prevent that!

Well unfortunately as much as we care and take good care of our smartphone, using a case only sometimes is not enough. Case will protect your phone from the impact when it does fall down but it doesn’t prevent the phone from falling. While phone-falling-down-and-kiss-the-floor accident from grab of hands happen anywhere anytime, especially if you are using public transport or happen to be in crowded space where people can accidentally bump into you while you are texting, browsing or doing anything with the phone, or if the phone gets slippery and jump off from your hands. Whatever that is, the next thing you know is that a (quite) big sound – that normally shocking people nearby – come out when your phone kissed the floor. If your phone is strong enough, it will survived the fall, probably it will have a few signs of dent – souvenirs from the floor for kissing her – or the worst is that your phone become cranky because the screen suffered a crack.
Haha! What a story, but really such thing happens every time every day. You may be the next victim!


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$5 solution to Protect Your Smartphone from Falling.

Fortunately enough, there’s a cheap solution for it. Accessories that help prevent your phone from falling down from your hands. While using the accessories does not 100% guarantee your phone won’t fall, but it reduce the possibility of falling, should you accidentally bump into someone or someone bumps you, or when the phone gets slippery and fall. I don’t know the real term for this accessory, but most people call it iRing Phone Holder.
iRing Phone Holder comes with ring where you can slip your finger on it and adhesive tape on the back of it to stick it to your phone or phone case. Place it on the middle of the phone and there you go, extra protection for your fancy phone!
iRing Phone Holder jilaxzone.com Cheap Protection for your phone
My Smartphone with iRing on it – Saves me hundreds of dollars of possible repair costs and fees
Here’s my phone with iRing on it. Well, I know the phone is no longer the fanciest and the case is ugly and so does the iRing. So many wears and tears. But that iRing has saved my phone from falling quite many times already – which saves me hundreds of dollars for repair bills – especially during rush hour when I need to take public transport to go to work and bumps so many times with other passengers, when I fell asleep on the train while holding my phone  and when I doing food delivery in which I need to search for the address on my phone while walking or cycling (check here if you are interested on my story doing food delivery).
I do strongly suggest if you haven’t got one today, to get yours ASAP. Do it before it’s too late. It’s just $5. Below is the Amazon links showing iRing products. Go for the cheapest since most iRing products are the same – it allows you to put your finger on it and prevent your phone from falling while your finger is on it.

 If you can’t see the link above, try this one instead –> Check here for iRing Phone Holder

Or if you happen to be in Singapore, you may as well getting it from me. Check the link here and find iRing.


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