Nintendo Switch Battery Saving Tips

Nintendo Switch is the latest console and by far an awesome one coming from Nintendo. Pity me for being late to the party, but finally I’ve been able to play with it for couple of days. Thanks to AlbertAgungAG who had provided me his Switch to play around.
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Nintendo Switch Main Menu Interface
Nintendo Switch: Main Menu Interface

Nintendo Switch is Great and Cool but have Weakness

One of the greatness and coolness factors of Nintendo latest console: Switch – is the capability to play it wherever you are because Nintendo Switch as you guys know, it’s not just a console but a handheld as well. Nintendo managed to mix and merge both world into one single gadget. However, despite its greatness as a gaming devices for both world, Nintendo Switch like many battery-operated gadgets, depends on a battery during mobile mode (as in playing it undocked from TV). And based on my couple of days doing hands-on to it, I pretty impressed with its battery life given the processing power that is far better than Nintendo 3DS and that big touchscreen it powers – though Nintendo Switch can’t compete yet with Nintendo 3DS longer battery life. But there’s few things you can do to further maximize its battery life so you can have longer time enjoying the game while on mobile mode.

Here’s how you can maximize Nintendo Switch battery life

So that you can get the maximum enjoyment during your time with Nintendo Switch.

1. Reduce screen brightness.

Nintendo Switch Screen Brightness
Nintendo Switch: Reduce Screen Brightness to prolong battery life

To reduce battery consumption, reduce screen brightness by first turning off auto brightness adjustment then reduce the screen brightness manually to a level where your eyes can still see normally and comfortably. Go to System Settings to do this.

2. Reduce Speaker volume.

Whenever possible, reduce the speaker volume to a level which you can comfortably hear the game’s background music or sound effects. Or have it turned off completely especially if you are in the crowded noisy area, since likely you can’t also hear the speaker output.

To preserve even more battery, use headset during playing.

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3. Switch the wireless off.

Nintendo Switch Airplane Mode
Nintendo Switch: Turn ON Airplane Mode
Do you need to always connected to Wi-Fi? If you are playing offline, activate Airplane Mode so all wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will be turned off.

4. Clean the console exhaust grill.

Don’t leave it dusty. Otherwise the Switch can get very hot. Do clean the exhaust grill regularly.

5. Charge while it reached 20-30%.

Like many modern gadgets, Nintendo Switch is also using Lithium-ion battery. To preserve the battery to live longer, charge your Switch when the battery level reached 20-30% left. Use only Switch original cable. If need to use 3rd party cable, make sure it’s a high quality cable.

6. Don’t leave it charging overnight.

While it’s something nice to be done leaving your Nintendo Switch to charge overnight so the next morning you can quickly wake up and continue playing, but actually it’s not good and not recommended to leave your Nintendo Switch charging overnight. First, the worst case, it might blown-up while you are sleeping. Second, it will introduce “trickle charge” effect which eventually will make your Switch battery degrades sooner than expected. Google for this trickle charge and its effects. So don’t leave it charging the whole night.

7. Update to latest firmware whenever available.

Latest firmware normally don’t just give updates or bring new features, it also comes with battery improvement and bug fixes. So update to latest firmware whenever they are available.

Nintendo Switch Battery is not user-removable!

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

So, better to take care of the battery as good as possible, otherwise you need to replace the battery sooner than expected. Use the above tips to preserve and make your Nintendo Switch battery more longer lasting!

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