Now Time to replace your iPhone Battery Officially with Apple Warranty but at 3rd Party Price 📱

Due to recent issue hitting Apple about how it’s handling iPhone performance by intentionally slowing the older iPhone down just to max out iPhone battery life to prevent abnormal shut down, now the Cupertino company offers a battery replacement program for select iPhone for a fee that cost like if you are changing at 3rd party battery replacement shop.
iPhone Battery Replacement Program
Apple offers iPhone Battery Replacement Program at a super discounted price
As confirmed by official Apple statement on their official website page here, now it’s the right time to replace your iPhone battery at a super discounted price.
In Apple Singapore page, the battery replacement costs down from S$118 (which like buying another Android phone) to S$38 (which is comparable to 3rd party local shop for changing iPhone 7 Plus battery).

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Wait no more. Offers ended at 31st December 2018.

Well, what are you guys waiting for? If you intend to still use that old iPhone for another couple of years, you now got a chance to replace its battery at cheaper price like a 3rd party non-Apple-authorized normally charged you for. Go to your nearest Apple store or Apple Authorized Service Center to book an appointment (and/or consult) with them and have your battery replaced.
Apple Loves Orchard Singapore Apple Singapore Store at Grand Park Orchard
Apple Store Singapore

7 Guidelines How to know when it’s the time to replace your iPhone battery.

7 Guidelines How to know when it’s the time to replace your iPhone battery

Some non-exhaustive guidelines whether or not it’s time for your to replace your iPhone battery.

1. If you have owned and used the iPhone for at least 2 years or more, or
2. If your iPhone sometimes shut down by itself despite the battery level still 20% or more, or
3. When you take pictures or videos with your iPhone camera, suddenly it freeze and/or shutting down, or
4. You need to charge your iPhone 2-3 times a day though your usage is considered normal, or
5. Despite charging the iPhone for quite sometime but the percentage doesn’t go up as fast as it before, or
6. You feel the iPhone is damn to slow despite you only open one or two apps, or
7. You feel that your iPhone battery doesn’t hold charge anymore
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As Apple will provide more info detailing about (probably) types of iPhone and the criteria to be eligible with battery replacement program, I will too update this article/publish another article detailing the types of iPhone eligible and the eligibility criteria. Alternatively you can check directly yourself at Apple official website here.

Disclaimer: 3rd party price at different places may have different prices for different types of iPhone. If price is your main concern, do compare and check first with respective parties before replacing your battery at Apple.
Do consider the following when replacing battery at 3rd party vendors: it will void your iPhone warranty and the warranty for the battery normally covers only for 1-week while replacing directly at Apple or Apple Authorized Service Center will keep your iPhone under warranty plus additional 3-month warranty for the battery. Different countries and continents may have slightly different regulation as well, do check with local Apple or local authorized service center about the battery warranty and what it covers.
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