iOS 11 Public Beta 8 Released. Here’s the iOS 11 new features and step by step to download it for FREE.

I’m quite surprise yesterday as Apple released another iOS 11 Public Beta in just a short time – not even a week since last Public Beta 7 released back on 29th Aug 2017 ago.  So since yesterday – 1st Sep 2017, iOS 11 Public Beta 8 is officially available for download. See the step by step below and on links provided to register, download and install the latest iOS 11 Public Beta 8.

If this is your first time planning to install iOS 11 Public Beta, do follow these steps here to install and to register yourself as public beta testers (it’s FREE anyway).

Download iOS 11 Public Beta 8 now.

If you didn’t get the pop-up notification to install the latest iOS 11 Public Beta 6, do go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Tap on Download and Install.

iOS 11 Public Beta 8 available for download
iOS 11 Public Beta 8: Download and Install today!

New features available and working good on iOS 11 Public Beta 8:

These are list of new iOS 11 features that are working good in iOS 11 Public Beta 8 which I have tried myself.

1. Offload app. It’s a feature to save your iPhone and iOS device space. Do check here on how to use it.
2. Create loop photo using Live Photo. Do check here on how to make one.
3. Built-in QR Code Scanner on iOS Stock Camera app. Do check here on how to use it.
4. Low Power Mode shortcut to activate Low Power Mode easily. Do check here on how to perform the shortcut.
5. Shutting down your iPhone or iOS device never been easier. Do check here on how to easily shutting down your iPhone and iOS device using the new way introduced on iOS 11.
6. Record your iOS screen. Now works well with browsers. Do check here on how to start record your iOS screen.
7. One Handed Keyboard. Easily hold and type with your iPhone using only one hand . Do check here how to activate one hand keyboard.
8. Shortcut to turn ON/OFF Cellular Data. Great for those cellular data-conscious people like me. Do check here how to use it.
9. TrimmingMessages app to reclaim space. Do check here on how to use it.
10. Restart your iPhone or iOS device easily without using Power button. Do check here on how to easily restart your iPhone and iOS device on iOS 11.
11. Discover Hidden Setting Display Auto-Brightness. Turn ON/OFF Auto-Brightness on iOS 11 to enhance your screen viewing or to save battery. Do check here on how to discover the hidden setting.
To discover other features, news, tips and tricks related to iOS, do check here.

How to get yourself iOS 11

Still using iOS 10 and before? Love to try all those new things above? Do consider upgrade to iOS 11 today. With the release of iOS 11 Public Beta 8, it’s more or less already stable, workable and usable. To get yourself iOS 11 preview edition, do check this link.


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