How to Restart Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Easily on iOS 11

iOS 11 brings so many advancements to iPhone (and iPad and of course iPod Touch). Unfortunately not all those advancements Apple manage to tell us during their WWDC events. Most of them we have to discover ourselves. I, as technology enthusiast, like and love to explore and help to share the findings to the world. This time is how you can restart your iPhone and other iOS device easily.

Since the born of iOS back in 2007 (it was named as iPhoneOS back then) and until iOS 10, there was no easy way if you would like to restart your iOS device.
There were, however, easy solutions if you jailbroken your iOS device though but there were none from Apple.
In the past, if you need to restart iOS device, you need to basically turn it OFF and turn back ON. Many of us ended with broken power button from this activity itself only (turning it OFF and back ON).
Now with the introduction of iOS 11, Apple has finally give us, the iOS users, a way to restart our iOS device easily and won’t make Power button become faulty. This also helps for people with already broken power button.

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Here’s how you can restart iPhone and iOS device easily on iOS 11

1. Enable Assistive Touch. Refer to this article to know how in detailed step by step to enable Assistive Touch. Assistive Touch may appear anywhere on the iOS screen. Find the white dot floating icon on your screen like shown below.
iOS 11 How to Restart how to enable Assistive Touch
iOS 11 How to Restart – Enable Assistive Touch and Tap on it
2. Once Assistive Touch is enabled, tap on it. Then tap on Device.
iOS 11 How to Restart bring the Assistive Touch Menu
iOS 11 How to Restart – Tap on Device

3. Tap on More.

iOS 11 How to Restart Press More
iOS 11 How to Restart – Tap on More

4. Find the Restart icon.

iOS 11 How to Restart press restart
iOS 11 How to Restart – Find and Tap on Restart
5. Tap on Restart.
6. When prompted, tap on Restart.
iOS 11 How to Restart prompt to restart
iOS 11 How to Restart – Tap on Restart to restart iPhone or iOS Device
Voila, now your iOS device is restarting. Easy and won’t break your Power Button.

I need not restart but to Shut Down my iPhone

iOS 11 shutdown Shut Down menu
iOS 11 Shutdown: Located at Settings > General. Find Shut Down
In case what you need is shutting down the phone but without pressing the Power Button (for whatever reason that is, be it broken power button or something else), you can do it easily as well on iOS 11. Check this link for the details.

Bring it all together

With all the new features Apple introduced on iOS 11, now our life – iOS users – is becoming more and more easier than before. Broken Power Button or Home Button, with iOS 11 that’s not considered a problem anymore. Cheers!

How to get yourself iOS 11

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