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Have you ever played original Sonic the hedgehog game on its original console – the Sega Genesis/Megadrive? If yes, chances are you are on your late twenties, thirties, forties or even fifties. If not then chances are you are less than twenties. Anyway, Sega classics are now available as a FREE-to-play games. Start with these first 5 games below.

Few months back, we know that Nintendo brought back their classics in forms of Mini NES console, Sega is following the way, but fortunately enough for us we don’t need to buy mini Sega console since Sega doesn’t bundle their classic games in a console, but rather as Android and iOS games and the good thing is that they are FREE.

SEGA finally has decided to change the way they sell their classic games. Instead of directly imposing dollar amount at the time gamers download the game, they are now started as FREE but with ads. In case you enjoy the game but getting annoyed with the ads, only then you can opt to get rid of the ads by paying some dollar amount. Great move SEGA!

Sega Classics
Sega Forever Providing Sega Classic Games for FREE
So far I have tried all the FREE games below, unlike other FREE ads-supported game, where the ads are appearing during the gameplay, the ads on these Sega games are mostly appearing when you pause the game and in-between screen change, and can be considered as non annoying ads.

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Here the first 5 games released for FREE today.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sega Classics Sonic The Hedgehog
SEGA Classic: Sonic The Hedgehog
Originally released back in 1991.
It’s the first Sonic game, introduced to compete with Nintendo Mario Bros. The game now has been enhanced so that Sonic is able to do the spinning move in which in its original game you can’t do it. Collect the rings and gems, defeat the evil Dr Robotnik (or in English version known as Dr Eggman) and release the birds and other beautiful creatures from their evil robot forms.
Here’s the download link:

Altered Beast

Sega Classics Altered Beast
SEGA Classic: Altered Beast
Originally released back in 1988. That was like almost 30 years ago!
The gameplay is really classic. Start as human, while collecting power-ups to turn you to beast with the ultimate power.
Here’s the download link:

Comix Zone

Sega Classics Comix Zone
SEGA Classic: Comix Zone
Originally released back in 1995.
It is a unique game. It was one of the last few Sega Genesis/Megadrive good games. You play as the comic creator which get sucked into his own comics. Defeat the bosses to return you back to normal world.
Here’s the download link:

Kid Chameleon

Sega Classics Kid Chameleon
SEGA Classic: Kid Chameleon
Originally released back in 1992.
​The game story is back in that 80-90s era where all kids are playing arcades. One of the hologram arcades that many kids playing become real, the boss escape the arcade world to begin kidnapping the kids. The game is pretty much similar to Mario Bros, stepping into enemies, jumping to get treasures.
Here’s the download link:

Phantasy Star 2

Sega Classics Phantasy Star 2
SEGA Classic: Phantasy Star
Originally released back in 1989.
One of SEGA early RPG game. This game released even before the original Final Fantasy series appearing on Nintendo console. Can you save the Mother Brain from malfunctioning?
Here’s the download link:

Are those games worth your time playing?

In short, yes they are. Although the game may seems ugly, pixelated, but their gameplays are worth playing, especially since they can be played even without internet connection.
Sega Classics no internet but can play
SEGA Classic: No internet but can still play

More Sega Classics going to be FREE

Sega didn’t promise anything, however from their official websites, it seems more and more Sega classics are coming and they are going to be FREE as well. While waiting, you’ve got 5 games to complete. Enjoy!



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