Fact finding: iPhone 7 Plus owners how often do you use Portrait mode? [POLL]

The iPhone 7 Plus was introduced back in September 2016, many people were disappointed with the fact that the iPhone 7 (both models ) came with the same form factor as 2 previous iPhone (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s) before it, while what they were expecting was a new iPhone with totally new shape and form factor.
iPhone 7 Plus
However the disappointment seemed to get paid for some people as the iPhone 7, although it carries the same form factor like 2 previous iPhone before it, the inside is totally different beast. Apart from new A10 processor and all the rise and shine, latest and greatest new iPhone normally gets, Apple pushed it forward, it has waterproof capability and exclusive for iPhone 7 Plus is the dual camera with Portrait mode.
If you still recall last September 2016 during iPhone 7 introduction event, Craig Federighi, Apple Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, showed a DSLR-quality picture on stage which after he introduced iPhone 7 Plus with its dual camera, he said actually the picture shown on the stage was taken and coming from iPhone 7 Plus without any editing. The crowds WOWed at that time. I WOWed at that time as well. You might too.

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Portrait Mode and My Little Curiosity

Now it is almost 1 year since iPhone 7 was introduced, I would like to know from iPhone 7 Plus owners, how often do you guys using the Portrait feature?
My curiosity asking such question comes with a reason. Reason being is that, before holding and owning iPhone 7 Plus, I was an iPhone 6S user, then upgraded to iPhone 7, then only a few weeks before I finally upgraded to iPhone 7 Plus due to the fact I was so envying the dual camera and portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus.
And that story, upgrading multiple times within a short week were not only happen to myself, a friend of mine also did the same, she was an iPhone SE user, upgraded to iPhone 7 for a few weeks before upgrading one more time to iPhone 7 Plus. Main reason was the same as me, envying the dual camera and its Portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus. What’s the reason you are buying iPhone 7 Plus? Do you have the same reasons as me and my friend? Do fill in the polling and/or give comment below.
I, myself, am still trying to make use of the unique feature of my Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus, well not every shots and every day, but at least I got a few Portrait mode shots in a week.

Here’s the link to the polling, do fill them in on your free time:

Thank you.



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