[FREE APP] IF by IFTTT – Automate Your Life and Save Your Precious Time

Sending Happy Birthday messages or get notified about tomorrow weather forecast or turning the air conditioner right back at home when you are about to reach home?

Those are all things that no longer you can only see in the movies, but those are all possible things you can experience in your life, well, with the help of IF app from IFTTT.

Automate to save your precious time

Nowadays with all the technological advancements here and there, our life tends to get complicated, 24 hours seem not enough for most of us. There are just too many streams of information going in and out from our lives and we get distracted most of the times.

Get Weather Notification Daily – IF by IFTTT

Now if you can automate some of them, you could save your precious time for avoiding those distractions and avoiding do something redundant, such as turn on the air condition when you reach home, or check weather information if it’s going to rain tomorrow and use the time to do something else better.


With the helps of smartphone (iOS or Android) and IF app, you can start automating tasks like those mentioned above. Most of the tasks you can do it with just your smartphone, but certain task that requires interaction with something else, such as air conditioner at your home, need a special equipment in order to make it automatic. Let’s start with something simple.



On IF app, a task is automated using what they called ‘Recipes’. There are thousands of recipes on the IF app where you can select and use them for FREE, or in case you want to customise it yourself, you can even create the recipe yourself, again for FREE.

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Let’s Start Automating Your Life

Download the FREE IF app (download link below), sign up a FREE account if you don’t have an account yet, then start automating your life. These are few samples for you to start.

Sending Birthday message to Friends’ Facebook


Sending Birthday Message Automatically – IF by IFTTT

Once you have your IF app installed, click the link above from your smartphone. It will open your IF app, click ‘Add’ to add the recipes. Once added, customise it they way you want, change the birthday date, time and the message. You can add as many friends as you want! You can also send a birthday message to yourself in the future that even yourself in the future will be shocked for it, getting birthday message from past version of yourself – kind of look cool, just like in the time machine movie!

Get Daily Weather Notification so If It’s going to rain, you can get ready by bringing umbrella


Rain Alert Indicator – IF by IFTTT

Click the link above from your smartphone and once you have installed IF app. Customise the subject and the content, you can add/remove the temperature, humidity, sunrise & sunset time, icon indicator whether it’s going to rain/sunny/clear.

Turning On Air Conditioner at Home When You are about to Reach Home


This recipe requires you to have Sensibo installed (need to buy the equipment separately) at your air conditioner. In case you don’t have it yet, at least this article can give you the idea.

So once the recipe is added, you can set the location in which when you enter the location, it will tell the Sensibo to turn on your air conditioner so by the time you actually reach home, your room is comfy already. How cool is that!

Let Your Wife/Husband/Parents know when you are reaching home soon


Click the link above from your smartphone and once you have installed IF app. Select the location you want them to be notified so each time you’ll pass this location, they will be notified. No need to text them message separately telling them you are reaching home soon.

The Verdict

Apart from those 4 mentioned above, there are still thousands of recipes that can help automate something in your life. I was using IF since the app was first introduced and I don’t know what happen today if IF app was never introduced and I never find IF app in the first place. I have saved so much time so I have more time with my wife, with my work and with my hobby. You can start save your time also. It’s FREE and worth trying.

This article, once I publish, will also be published to few other locations, such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. Thanks to IF app, I don’t need to manually publish it on each of the locations, since IF app will automatically publish it for me.


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