Uber Singapore is Getting More Expensive

Are you Uber passengers as well, like me, and feeling that Uber fee is now getting more and more expensive? Well, you are not alone.

Fixed Fare

In Singapore, starting 1st September 2016, Uber changed the way UberX fare is calculated. If before September 2016, the fare is calculated on estimate basis plus surcharge – if there is any, now the fare is a fixed price fare – just like UberPool price – and there is no more surcharge for UberX. Looks like a pretty good deal isn’t it? Fixed price and no more surcharge.
The real issue is, with this new fixed price term, the fare is somehow more expensive than it’s used to in the past. I don’t know how Uber did it, but if I do rough calculation, the new fixed price will cost you from 20-60% more depends on the distances.
UberX is getting more expensive
The route that I usually take, last time, about the same timing ~around 2-3pm, Uber used to charged me $6, now they are charging $10. That’s a 60% increase. Another route that I usually take, last time and about the same timing ~around 9-10pm, Uber used to charged me $26, now they are charging me $33. 20% increase.

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UberX used to be Cheaper

I was reluctant to take and use UberX services when they first introduced it here in Singapore. Not until a friend of mine managed to convince me to take UberX (about one year later after UberX first introduced) – first because it’s cheaper, second, because you can pay using credit card (think about miles/other credit card perks). Then I started taking UberX. Not everyday but only when I was late to go home from office and/or when I need to move between location during the working hours.
In the month end, when I need to submit all of my travel expenses related to work, I see that apart from earning the miles/credit card perks, I can save quite many bucks from taking UberX versus taking Taxi, which is good for my company and in the long term, good for me as well.

Switching Back to Taxi

Now with their new fixed price more expensive model, I am switching back to normal taxi. Now the normal taxi feels cheaper. Although I can no longer enjoying the miles/credit card perks, but at least I won’t do much damage to my company by taking expensive UberX. For those who curious, Singapore taxi also accepts payment with credit card, but they will charge you additional $5 for paying with credit card.



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