Here’s how to set your iPhone notification to scheduled summary so you have less distraction and to focus more on what’s important in life

Set your iPhone notification to scheduled summary for better Productivity and less distractive life

With the release of iOS 15, Apple introduced “Scheduled Summary” – a feature that summarize all of your notifications and only notify you at the schedule time, so rather than keep ringing and dinging each time the notifications arrive, iOS will hold the arriving notifications, consolidate them for you and send you in summary on the timing you choose.
Notifications craving for your attention. Don’t let your day ruined by such unimportant notifications! Set a scheduled summary.

This feature is good, especially if you have plenty of non-urgent and non-life threatening apps (and games), such as notifications coming from your Fitness app, your social media apps, your games and everything else that’s not so important for you to get notified and be alarmed at that point.

So if you are reading this and on iOS 15 or any version after, you should consider activate Scheduled Summary on your iPhone for a much better less noisier life.

  • This article shares the steps to setup Scheduled Summary on your iPhone – for a less noisy, less distractive life and for better productivity.
  • Although the article is written for iOS and / or iPhone, but the same steps work as well for iPad, iPod Touch and / or iPadOS.
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Here’s how to setup Scheduled Summary on iPhone

Follow the steps here to activate Scheduled Summary and set the not-so-important apps (and games) notifications to only ring and ding at the time you choose.

1) On your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications.

2) Inside Notifications, tap on Scheduled Summary and turn on Scheduled Summary.

3) Inside Schedued Summary, under SCHEDULE, tap on “+ Add Summary” to add new time for the notifications scheduled summary.
If you don’t know where to start, you can follow my recommendation here.

Scheduled SummaryTimeReason & Description
1st Summary6 AMAll notifications from after you sleep until you wake up are presented in this time slot.
2nd Summary9 AMAll morning notifications will be summarized in this time slot before you start your activity.
3rd Summary12 PMAll notification that came before lunch is summarized here, so you can check them (and take action, such as replying), if they are important, before or while you are having lunch.
4th Summary3 PMAt the moment you take a (tea or coffee) break, the afternoon notifications summary is ready for you to check.
5th Summary6 PMAfter you have done your activities for the day, all the late afternoon notifications will be summarized in this time slot.
6th Summary9 PMAll the evening notifications are summarized here, so that you can have a wonderful distraction free evening.

4) Once you have set up the schedules, now still inside Scheduled Summary, go into the APPS IN SUMMARY section.

5) Under APPS IN SUMMARY section is your apps and games list.

  • For each of apps that is NOT so important (their notifications are not urgent and not life threatening – such as games, social media apps), toggle the switch ON.
  • For each of apps that is important for you to get notified directly without any delay, such as Phone call, WhatsApp messages, toggle the switch OFF.

That should be it.

Bring it all together

Now with Scheduled Summary activated, you should have a less distractive and less noisy life resulting in more productive hours and better output on anything you are doing.

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