Here’s how to enable shoot RAW Photos on iPhone

  • Apple is officially brining RAW photography to its iPhone
  • Check out below how to setup your iPhone and how your iPhone can start taking RAW photos
  • Go to Q&A & Troubleshooting section below in case you are having issues with enabling Apple ProRAW feature on your iPhone
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Apple brings iPhone photography to the next level. This time not only it enhances the camera sensor on the new iPhone, but also it adds a feature that long-time serious mobile photographers are looking for: the RAW mode – or as Apple called it: Apple ProRAW.

Apple ProRAW: What is it?

As Apple stated, Apple ProRAW gives you all the standard RAW information, along with the Apple image pipeline data. So you can get a head start on editing – with noise reduction and multi-frame exposure adjustments already in place – and have more time to tweak colour and white balance.

apple iphone 12 spec blast past fast
Apple didn’t just enhance the camera sensor on iPhone 12, but it also bring it to the next level. Apple ProRAW available on iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max model. Image courtesy of

Each RAW photo taken has the following specifications:

  • 12 bit, DNG file format (DNG – is Adobe Digital Negative file format)
  • Has 25 MB approximately in size.

Now without further ado, here’s how you can start shooting RAW photos on your iPhone!

Setup your iPhone for shooting RAW Photo

This is the setup you need before starting to capture RAW photos.

1) Go to Settings > Camera > Formats.

2) Under PHOTO CAPTURE, there’s Apple ProRAW. Tap on it to turn it on.

Note that, enabling Apple ProRAW mode doesn’t make every photo you shoot from the iPhone camera to be a RAW image.

Here’s how to start shooting RAW photo on your iPhone

great scenery at te anau lake new zealand
With RAW mode, you can have better control and end up with better picture. Image shown above is scenery at Te Anau Lake. South Island, New Zealand.

To take photo and get it as RAW image format, here’s what you need to do:

1) Ensure you have do the setup. If not, head to section above to first setup your iPhone to take RAW photo.

2) Then go to Camera.

3) On top right of the screen, you’ll see RAW icon. Tap on the RAW icon, to start shooting in RAW mode. On the RAW icon, if the text RAW is without strike-through on it, that means you are already on RAW mode.

That’s it. Start shooting RAW photos now!

Q&A & Troubleshooting RAW Photos on iPhone

Here are some commonly asked questions related to Apple new ProRAW feature and the answers for them. In case you have anything else that’s not covered under this Q&A, feel free to shout your queries on the comment section down below.

Q: I can’t find the RAW icon on my iPhone Camera. What to do about it?

A: Before able to shoot photos in RAW mode, you have to first enable the RAW mode. Go to “Setup your iPhone for shooting RAW Photo” section above to enable your iPhone to shoot RAW image.

Q: I can’t find the Apple ProRAW setting under Settings > Camera > Format. Can you help?

A: Apple ProRAW is only available on iPhone Pro-series: the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. At the time this article is written, only iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are able to shoot photo in RAW mode.

Q: I’m using iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max, but unable to see Apple ProRAW setting under Settings > Camera > Format. Can you help?

A: At the time this article is written, Apple ProRAW feature is still coming soon with Apple is planning to release it with iOS 14.3. So do check out on your iPhone to see whether/not iOS 14.3 is already available to download. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Q: When is Apple ProRAW release date?

A: Apple ProRAW feature is very likely to be shipped with iOS 14.3, since iOS 14.3 beta and public beta are already showing the feature. Hoping before end December 2020, Apple will release iOS 14.3 to the masses. In case you can’t wait, there’s a workaround for it – by installing iOS 14.3 public beta (official from Apple & FREE), here’s the steps to follow (the steps were for installing iOS 14.0 public beta, but using the same steps you can get iOS 14.3 installed): installing iOS 14 Public Beta at JILAXZONE.

Q: Is Apple ProRAW feature compatible with older iPhone such as iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max?

A: Unfortunately Apple ProRAW is only compatible with – at the time this article is written – iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max. For older iPhone, to be able shoot RAW photos, consider using 3rd party apps, such as VSCO, Moment, Halide Mark 2 and many more.

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