Recommended game to play: Goroons: Multiplayer Co-Op Adventure Puzzle | Android | Browser | iOS | PC

Looking for adventure mixed with puzzle co-op game where you can play together with siblings, friends or family? Try playing Goroons. The game is available on multiple platforms: Android, Browser, iOS platform and PC.

Goroons: Story & The Game Features

The story begins when one of the Goroons, presumably the princess, is getting shot by the monster. Then the 4 remaining Goroons fly their plane to go inside the Monster stomach to defeat the monster and get the green antidote to revive the princess.

Looks simple? Well, yes the story is simple, but not the game!

Have a look at the official game trailer here:

These are Goroons game features:

  • There are 30 stages to conquer.
  • There are 4 blobs, each has different skills: jumper, object pusher, bridge-blob and ballast-blob.
  • The goal is to reach exit with all 4 blobs saved.
  • No timer & unlimited trial

Reason why I love this game

Play. Think. Die. Laugh. Repeat.

The game is available on multiple platforms: Browser version (via AirConsole), iOS, Android and PC (via Steam). I played the AirConsole version.

To me, this game is so far underrated for what it’s worth. I spent hours playing this game with my wife, laughing and shouting together.

When both my wife and I played this game, we have to think, discuss and most of the time argue (in positive ways) to find the best way to save all the blobs. Certain levels look very easy, but turned out, they were not!

At the more advance levels, timing is everything. You miss the timing, then the blob will die.

The good thing, there is no time limit in the game and you can keep repeating the level – unlimited retry, so you can have all the time to solve the puzzle.

Download Link

AndroidGoroons on Google Play Store (AirConsole)
BrowserGoroons on AirConsole
iOSGoroons on Apple App Store
PCGoroons on Steam

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