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  • There are 30 SEGA Dreamcast best multiplayer games listed on this article. Additional games may be added in the coming future.
  • There are at least 3 ways you can play these SEGA Dreamcast multiplayer games today, check on section below.
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SEGA Dreamcast was launched back in 9 Sep 1999 (US release date), it was the last Sega non-mini console before finally deciding to stop making hardware and focus only on software (games). Sega Dreamcast shelf life-span was only less than 2 years (if you count from US release date until the date it’s getting discontinued world-wide). It was discontinued world-wide on 31 March 2001. Though it has such a short shelf life-span, but there are tons of great games – in this case great multiplayer games – you can play on the system and thanks to its 4 controller ports, there are many multiplayer games that were designed and created to maximize the feature – available to play in 4 players locally.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie official trailer
SEGA Dreamcast fans, here are best multiplayer games you can play on Sega Dreamcast.

In case you don’t know, though Sega has officially discontinued the console 21 years ago (at the time this article is written), but fans throughout the world were, are and going to still support the Dreamcast. Long live Dreamcast!

Here’s how to play these Sega Dreamcast games today

Before going into the best multiplayer games section, here are options available today to play those multiplayer games. While it’s fully recommended to play all those games using the original hardware and their original accessories, but there are other options available. Check them out.

1) Using Original Sega Dreamcast hardware and cartridge

Like I said, nothing beats the experience of playing all amazing and best Dreamcast games on the original hardware, using original controllers and accessories – even better now, you can upscale the game into HD quality using the help of upscaler. Here they are links where you can get them today – in case you are interested to get one.

Console Sega Dreamcast console on Amazon
Sega Dreamcast Black Sega Sports Edition console on Amazon
ControllerSega Dreamcast Controller on Amazon
Sega Dreamcast Controller on AliExpress
Memory CardSega Dreamcast VMU (transparent green) on Amazon
Sega Dreamcast VMU on AliExpress
Rumble Pack / Jump Pack / Vibration PackVibration Pack on Amazon
Jump Pack on AliExpress
Upscaler for Sega Dreamcast (VGA to HDMI solution)Atlona AT-HD120 on Amazon
HDTV Converter for Dreamcast on AliExpress
GD ROM Disc Drive ReplacementGD ROM Disc Drive on AliExpress
GDEMU DC – Optical Drive Simulation for Dreamcast
Running Dreamcast games through SD card
GDEMU DC on Amazon
GDEMU DC on AliExpress
KeyboardSega Dreamcast Keyboard on Amazon

2) Playing on Sega Dreamcast Mini Console

Recently rumored that SEGA is planning to revive the Dreamcast by turning it into a mini console. Jump to the section at the bottom to hear comments from gamers and Sega fans on the rumors.

In case you can’t wait for the official Sega Dreamcast Mini and would like to DIY your own Sega Dreamcast Mini, this video will surely helps you.

These are the components to DIY your Dreamcast Mini.

DIY Sega Dreamcast Mini Mainboard Odroid XU4 on Amazon
Odroid XU4 on AliExpress
SD Card with Retropie & preloaded games512GB SD Card with Retropie & games on AliExpress
DIY Sega Dreamcast Mini CasePrintout on Thingiverse

3) Sega Dreamcast Emulators (with download links)

There are various Sega Dreamcast emulators across many platforms, you just have to try them out yourself and see what’s best for yours. I can’t really recommend them because some of them requires more CPU power, some of them don’t have good UI. But for your information only, I’m using Reicast on Android and Flycast on Windows (via RetroArch).

Happy Chick Sega Dreamcast emulator
Playing Sega DreamCast portably on Android. Why not?
On AndroidRedream
On MacRedream
On Odroid XU4Reicast
On PC (Windows)Redream
On Raspberry Pi 4 and upRedream
On Raspberry Pi 3b and belowFlycast

These are the list of Sega Dreamcast Multiplayer games

SEGA Dreamcast is the closest machine from SEGA to its Arcade counterparts. As a results there are tons of multiplayer Arcade & Arcade-quality games ported or specifically created for the Dreamcast.

The list shown here are games I played before. I include a companion YouTube videos & purchase link for every game I played before (the videos weren’t me uploading) so that you can easily acknowledge or recall if you – too – ever played the games before and in case you want to buy any of the games.

Do note, the list is presented in alphabetical order and can grow in the future as I recall more and more 2-4 players Dreamcast games, be sure to check them out in the future as well.

Bomberman Online (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Action

Who doesn’t know Bomberman? Long before battle royale become something common, like what you see on Fortnite & PUBG, Bomberman was the first few games – if not the first one – to introduce the battle royale game mode.

This game is Sega Dreamcast exclusive game.

Get Bomberman Online on Amazon

Chu Chu Rocket! (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Action Puzzle

One of the original title for Sega Dreamcast. Chu Chu Rocket! was a commercial & critical success for Sega Dreamcast back in the day. It was indeed the first game to support online mode in Sega Dreamcast.

Get Chu Chu Rocket! on Amazon

Dead or Alive 2 (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Fighting

3D fighting game that pushes the boundary. One of the first 3D fighting game to introduce location switching during fighting (you can hit the other player down to the alley).

Get Dead or Alive 2 on Amazon

Gauntlet Legends (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Hack & Slash dungeon crawler

Originally released for Arcade, then ported to Sega Dreamcast. Hack & slash the enemies by playing 4 players together.

Get Gauntlet Legends on Amazon

Giga Wing 2 (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Shoot ’em up

The must play for shoot ém up fans. The game was originally an Arcade game then ported to Sega Dreamcast.

Get Giga Wing 2 on Amazon

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2 players)

Genre: Fighting

Another port from Arcade, Capcom brought this game to Sega Dreamcast. There are in total 56 playable characters to choose from. Next Generation magazine stated, “This is the best 2D fighting experience available on the console”.

Get Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Amazon

Millennium Soldier: Expendable (2 players)

Genre: Run & Gun

If you like Contra series, then you must love this game too.

Ooga Booga (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Action, Party

One of the party games you should not missed on Sega Dreamcast.

Get Ooga Booga on Amazon

Outrigger (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: FPS, Third person shooter

Once you managed to figure out the camera system, the game is pretty good to play together.

Pen pen TriIcelon (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Racing

A racing game like no other. To win, you need to run, slide and swim!

Power Stone (2 players)

Genre: Arena Fighting

This is the go-to fighting games if you think Street Fighter is boring. Every characters has specific endings, so be sure to beat the game with all the characters.

Get Power Stone on Amazon

Power Stone 2 (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Arena Fighting

While Power Stone 1 only has 2 players mode, Power Stone 2 added 2 more and became 4 players arena fighting game. If Power Stone 1 is a fighting game, Power Stone 2 is a party game. If you like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this is the game to go in Dreamcast.

Get Power Stone 2 on Amazon

Project Justice (2 players)

Genre: Fighting

Project Justice also known as Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 in other side of the world.

Get Project Justice on Amazon

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Quake 3 Arena (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: FPS

Quake 3 Arena for Dreamcast is one of the example where console porting done right. While there are newer Quake games on newer platforms, but Quake 3 for Dreamcast is still a great game to play with.

Get Quake 3 Arena on Amazon

Red Dog: Superior Firepower (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Action, Shooter

Red Dog is one of the best action shooter games made for Dreamcast. The graphics are great and the fun is limitless.

Samba De Amigo (2 players)

Genre: Music, Rhythm

Not only it’s different and distinctive, but also entertaining and addicting. This game is simply the best music rhythm game for Sega Dreamcast.

Get Samba De Amigo including Maracas Controller on Amazon

San Francisco Rush 2049 (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Racing

Another port of Arcade games, the graphics was considered realistic back in the day with great control and physics. Arcade racing fans sure will be drooling over this game.

Get San Francisco Rush 2049 on Amazon

Sonic Shuffle (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Party

If Nintendo has Mario Party, Sega has Sonic Shuffle as a party game for Sega Dreamcast.

Get Sonic Shuffle on Amazon

Soul Calibur (2 players)

Genre: Fighting

Soul Calibur was one of the best selling titles in Dreamcast and the second highest rated game of all times (the first is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). There are additional 10 characters brought to Dreamcast when this game was ported over from the original game: Soul Edge.

Get Soul Calibur on Amazon

Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand\ (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Action, Fighting

Another Arcade port for Dreamcast. Compare to Arcade version, Capcom gave Dreamcast version hidden characters.

Get Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand on Amazon

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

Genre: Fighting

Who doesn’t know Street Fighter? Another successful ported from Arcade. It has 18 playable characters.

Get Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike on Amazon

Test Drive Le Mans (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Racing

If San Francisco Rush 2049 is more to an Arcade Racing game, Test Drive Le Mans is in between Arcade racing and simulation. Considered as the best GT-style circuit racer on the system.

Get Test Drive Le Mans on Amazon

The House of The Dead 2 (2 players)

Genre: Shoot ’em up

Another Arcade port for Sega Dreamcast. The House of the Dead was one of the launch title for the system.

Get The House of The Dead 2 on Amazon

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (2 players)

Genre: Sports

Originally released for PlayStation then ported to a few other systems including Dreamcast. Before today’s remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, the Dreamcast version was the best in terms of textures and animation (if compared to PlayStation version).

Get Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on Amazon

Toy Commander (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Action, Adventure

You are shrunk to a size of mouse and are commanding army of toy vehicles. This is Sega Dreamcast exclusive game.

Get Toy Commander on Amazon

The Typing of The Dead (2 players)

Genre: Typing, Shooter

If The House of the Dead is using a gun to kill all those zombies, on The Typing of The Dead, instead of using guns to eliminate those zombies, all you need to do is to type whatever written on the screen. This game is hilarious and fun to play with!

Get The Typing of The Dead on Amazon

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Vehicular Combat

While PlayStation has Twisted Metal series, the same series didn’t get released into Dreamcast. However there’s this Vigilante 8 which is basically super similar to Twisted Metal series on PlayStation.

Get Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense on Amazon

Virtua Tennis (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Sports

Another port from Arcade, Virtua Tennis is the game to play if you like sports especially tennis. The look, feel and sound are super and so realistic back in the day. This game can be a party games when you play it 4 players.

Get Virtua Tennis on Amazon

Wacky Races (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Combat Racing

Since Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed wasn’t released for Dreamcast back then, Wacky Races is the best you can get to play Cartoony combat racing game.

Get Wacky Races on Amazon

Worms World Party (2-4 local multiplayers)

Genre: Strategy

Long before Team17 created the world famous Overcooked! series, it created Worms World Party. Like the title suggested, this game is another party game you won’t miss it out if you have 4 players ready.

Get Worms World Party on Amazon

That’s it the list of the best multiplayer games to play on Sega Dreamcast for now. When I recall more Dreamcast games I played before or even meet, play and enjoy a new Dreamcast multiplayer games, for sure I’ll add them into the list as well. Or in case you have some interesting Dreamcast multiplayer games which I haven’t mentioned above, feel free to share on the comment section down below.

Hey, Sega Dreamcast Mini is rumored to be coming!

In case you haven’t heard the news, yes Sega Dreamcast is rumored to be coming back as a mini console. Hear what YouTuber RGT 85 said.

Hear out also thoughts from Sam Procrastinates – a long time Sega fan on his thoughts on the rumored Sega Dreamcast Mini.

Do you think Sega Dreamcast Mini is just rumors? Are you going to buy Sega Dreamcast Mini if it becomes a reality and gets a release date? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section down below. Cheers for now!

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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