Future upcoming new iPhone may include the new Touch ID [Join the POLL too!]

Apple has new Touch ID.

  • On 15 Sep 2020, Apple introduced a new Touch ID as part of new iPad Air.
  • On article below, see the reasons why it makes sense to bring this new Touch ID into the upcoming new iPhone
  • Join the poll at the bottom of the article – which authentication method you would like to see on the future iPhone

While the trend today is to have in-display Touch ID – in case you can’t imagine it, see Samsung latest smartphone for example, but as what I have just learned from Apple Time Flies event – which happened on 15 Sep 2020 – is this new slimmer-non-rounded-but-rectangle Touch ID introduced for the new iPad Air 4th generation. This new Touch ID is pretty similar to fingerprint sensor built on Sony smartphones.

Take a look at the official video from Apple below, specific at 1:03 where you can see clearly the new rectangle Touch ID.

On the new iPad Air 4th Gen, Apple called it Top button Touch ID – since iPad Power button is located on top. On the upcoming iPhone – if Apple bring the feature in – likely it will be called as Side button Touch ID – since iPhone Power button is located on the side. But for the sake to make it easier to mention it on this article, let’s just call it the rectangle Touch ID.

Why it makes sense to have Touch ID on the new upcoming iPhone

So far, Apple has 3 types of iPhone: the Pro and Pro Max model (let’s just call them Pro model), the normal model (Eg: iPhone 11) and the SE model.

On iPhone Pro model: Face ID + In-Display Touch ID

xiaomi mi8 explorer transparent edition jilaxzone.com
This is what it looks like if future iPhone has In-Display Touch ID – Image courtesy of Mi.com

Why it makes sense:

If Apple would like to follow the current trend and given today we are in pandemic era where most people is covering their face with masks, rendering Face ID useless, so introducing In-Display Touch ID to iPhone Pro model is good, apart from showing what Apple is capable with, people also have the alternate way to authenticate themselves comfortably without the need to either open their masks or key in passcode every time.

On iPhone Normal model: Face ID + Rectangle Touch ID

Why it makes sense:

Same reason as the Pro model. Adding Touch ID to the new iPhone will enable people to have alternate way to authenticate themselves in case Face ID is unusable and rather than key-in passcode. It’s also going to be easier for any Apple Pay transactions.

On iPhone SE model: Rectangle Touch ID

Why it makes sense:

See the current iPhone SE 2nd Generation (or it’s also called as iPhone SE 2020, details here: iPhone SE 2nd Gen), while it has great affordable price, but admit it, the look and feel are boring. It is the same design that has been used since iPhone 6 introduced back in 2014.

apple iphone se 2020 2nd generation jilaxzone.com
Apple iPhone SE 2nd Generation, though it has great affordable price but it has boring looks. Image courtesy of Apple.com

To make it feel fresh and gain even more popularity while still keeping the cost as low as possible, Apple could use the iPhone 11 full-screen model, but instead of Face ID, Apple to use the new Rectangle Touch ID, implement it on the Side button. This will be a win-win outcome. Win for Apple and most importantly win for the people who wants to use iPhone but doesn’t want to spend thousands on it.

What do you think? Join the short Poll below.

In case you can’t see the polling above, use this link instead: New Touch ID for Upcoming New iPhone [POLL].

Once joined the poll, you can also see the results from others to know whether they are buying or not, by clicking on “See previous responses”.

For my case, it’s good to see if Apple can bring the In-Display Touch ID into the upcoming new iPhone but in case it can’t, at least to bring the new Rectangle Touch ID as an alternate way for people to authenticate themselves.

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