#ThatWanakaTree at Changi Point Boardwalk, Changi Village, Singapore | Changi Beach Area

The famous Wanaka Tree from New Zealand you can now find at Changi Village, Changi Beach area Singapore

Either you have visited the real Wanaka Tree in New Zealand and miss it or you knew from travel blogs, articles, books or whatever but never seen the real one before, then you would like to visit the tree but due to whatever reasons you haven’t gone there, here’s the close replica you can find on Singapore.

The place where Singapore #ThatWanakaTree located is known as Changi Point Boardwalk, or also known as Changi Broadwalk or Changi Point Coastal Walk. These 3 names are all referring to the same place. It is located on Changi Beach area, Changi Village, Northern East Singapore.

Take a look at the video here, where I show you not only #ThatWanakaTree in Singapore but also the beautiful and gorgeous surrounding nearby area.

Singapore “Wanaka” Tree at Changi Point Boardwalk, Changi Village, Singapore

#ThatWanakaTree at Changi Point Boardwalk Park Key Features

These are Changi Point Boardwalk park key features.

The real wanaka tree at New Zealand jilaxzone.com
The real #ThatWanakaTree at Wanaka Lake, South Island, Zealand

1) #ThatWanakaTree. The closest replica of Wanaka Tree from Wanaka, New Zealand.

clean seawater at changi beach
Clear Seawater at Changi Beach, Changi Point Boardwalk, Changi Village Area

2) Clear Seawater. You can see-through beach surface.

Changi Beach jilaxzone.com
View of Changi Beach – From Changi Point Boardwalk

3) Enjoy a different beach. If East Coast Park beach or Sentosa Beach are too common and too crowded for you, this Changi Beach is the place – not only it’s less crowded (at the time this article is written), but also offers different view points. See private yachts, beach clubs and airplanes. There’s plenty of beach clubs in the surrounding area and yachts parked on these beach clubs so you can take nice photos, pretending they are your yachts – who knows one day, dream comes true! Apart from that, this place is quite close to Changi Airport, so you get to see plenty of Airplanes take off – a nice and different view to see.

4) Fishing point. Bring your fishing rod and start fishing.

5) See Pulau Ubin in a distant or if you want to visit Pulau Ubin, take the ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal and go visit Pulau Ubin.

cendol melaka at changi village jilaxzone.com
Melaka Cendol at Changi Village – The best dessert during the hot weather

6) Enjoy probably the best Cendol in Singapore. Cendol is iced sweet dessert that contains droplets of green rice flour jelly, coconut milk mixed with palm sugar syrup. What a Heaven on Earth! Enjoy the drink at Makan Melaka Cendol, located at the end of the Changi Point Boardwalk at 1 Changi Village Rd, #01-2046, Singapore 500001.

#ThatWanakaTree at Changi Point Boardwalk Location

There are a few entries if you would like to visit this Wanaka Tree of Singapore, however the closest one to the tree and my recommendation is to go via GoSport Road.

Address7A Gosport Rd, Singapore 509710
Opening hours24-hour
Admission fee$0 a.k.a FREE
How to go hereTo go here by public transport, you need to take bus service 2, 9, 19, 29, 59, 89, 89A or 109 and alight at either Bef Cranwell Road or Aft Cranwell Road.

Here’s the location on Google Maps. Click to save or get direction to the location.

Though it’s opening 24-hour (park never close), but my recommendation is to go either in the morning before 10am or in the afternoon after 4pm unless you really like to get direct sunlight.

#ThatWanakaTree at Changi Point Boardwalk Reason Why You Should Go Here

Changi Point Boardwalk is the place in Singapore you need to visit if you love open spaces, beach, and parks and wanted something different, something uncommon. While this park is not entirely new, but among other natural parks in Singapore, this park is not so common for both Singapore residents and tourists, likely because its location which sits on the most northern east of Singapore. The same criteria goes for the beach, Changi Beach is lesser known, compared to beach at East Coast Park or Sentosa Beach, but that is the beauty, you get to enjoy the scenery – all for yourself!

Big Boat Small Boat Changi Beach jilaxzone.com
All kinds of ships are passing this area: Big or Small

Another reason is to come and see for yourself #ThatWanakaTree of Singapore. The real Wanaka tree is a famous tree, originated from Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. People who visits New Zealand and comes to Wanaka, they must be visiting this tree which grow and live but drown into Wanaka lake. Regardless you have been there before or not, Changi Point Boardwalk has similar #ThatWanakaTree.

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